These Are The Greatest Video Games Ranked By Sony, Can You Guess?

Sony recently took to its official Twitter account and poured out a witty Tweet. From the looks, it seems like top 20 greatest Video Games Ranked By Sony. Although when you start reading the post, you will realize that you have just been schooled.

It is a debate topic that probably has no end to it, What are top 10 or 20 greatest games of all times? We can’t seem to remember when was the last time we had a definitive answer to this question. That said, this question is a pretty relative question as well and varies among various fans, based on their preferences and such. For Sony, it is pretty simple and definitive because for them Last Of Us is the greatest game of all times.

As for the rest of them, Sony is of the opinion that no particular game can be categorized as better than the other, as each game is amazing in its own unique way. Each game delivers fun and entertainment by providing creatively orchestrated challenges but Last Of Us is at the top in the list of Video Games Ranked By Sony.

As soon as Sony posted this Tweet, fans went haywire and started their own string of rankings. While some suggested God Of War as being the number one others proclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn to be at the top. The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild was not left far behind as well.

Well, it is pretty obvious that Sony is prepping up the fans for Last Of Us 2, of which we saw an amazing trailer at E3 2018. Since the conference, there has been a lot of hustle and bustle over the internet, regarding this upcoming PS4 exclusive game.

For those who saw, the gameplay trailer of the game they would know that the game has a bit of a different take on sexuality. After seeing the kiss of Ellie and Dena, what most of the fans have been asking was, “does Ellie’s sexuality serve as a background for her character?”

According to the director of the game, not a significant one but definitely does serve as a background for her character.

What are your thoughts after taking a look at theĀ greatest 20 Video Games Ranked By Sony? Let us know in the comments below.