The Division 2 Will Have A Dark Zone But Will It Be Any Different?

E3 2018 provided us the gameplay of The Divison 2 along with many details including changes, new location, end game and specializations in the game but we didn’t get to hear about the Dark Zone but it looks like we missed it or something but it’s going to be present in the sequel of Division.

Ubisoft Red Storm Creative Director, Terry Spier went on Twitter to confirm everyone asking about the Dark Zone by saying that they announced the Dark Zone experience at E3 for Division 2. Dark Zone is one of the major fun things in The Division to do along with PvE and PVP experience. It’s a unique concept and is something the developers should look out for in the sequel.

Now what’s worth to notice from the Tweet is the word experience which hints us that it will not be a Dark Zone, instead of an experience which can be something different than we have seen in the original game. It took some time for Ubisoft to fix the Dark Zone in The Division to make it a success.

Ubisoft is probably going to avoid that for now and make changes to the zone by doing modifications or improvements but on the other side, it can also be something entirely new which we don’t know about yet.

Balancing the Dark Zone has been a problem for Ubisoft which made some areas completely dead or changed something like Rogue to become extremely popular.

We are waiting to see how the Red Zone will turn out to be in The Division 2 and will it be good enough in the start without the requirement of various patches in the game.

We also believe that there will be no graphical downgrades in The Division 2 and 8 player raids will bring a lot of fun to the game.

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