Sony Is A Bit Of A Perfectionist When It Comes To First Party Games

Sony is always winning when it comes to exclusive games no matter what platform it is against of. Sony has been making hit games one after another since the PlayStation 1. They have now settled at a place where it’s likely that every game they’ll make will be a huge hit.

The companny has brought us amazing games on PlayStation 3 including the Last Of Us, God Of War or Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War 2018 on PS4 which has raised some bars which no other platform can achieve for sometime other than Sony itself.

These well-performing studios and games are a result of objectives set by Sony which they talked about in details while talking to VentureBeat in a recent interview.

Studio boss at Sony, Shawn Layden talked about the main three steps the studio focuses on in details which are first, best and must. According to him, it’s simple at Sony, the games should be the first ever of their kind, best of their kind (a new genre) or a game they must make.

Layden said:

First means creating a first of its kind game — a genre that doesn’t exist, a market that hasn’t been actualized yet. That’s an obligation for us as first-party development. We’re not here to create games that steal market share from other publishers. Because we manage the platform, it’s not to steal pieces of the pie. It’s to grow the entire pie. If you create a new genre like Parappa the Rapper did — rhythm action gaming, who know that would be a genre? Or SingStar, bringing in a microphone to your living room? And soon coming out of our studios, a game called Concrete Genie, a new form of entertainment we haven’t seen before. If you can fulfill that, at a Worldwide Studios studios level we’re interested in that project.

He explained best by saying that if you are best are something that means you are making God Of War, Uncharted or Gran Turismo if it’s a racing game or Everybody Golf because you should be the best in the class.

Then he explained the last point by saying that ”Must is probably the other thing that reflects our position as first-party development attached to the platform”. They must do these games even if they are hard to start with for example PSVR games which are new and they didn’t know much about the market but had to progress further which they did by having several projects which gave PSVR a headstart.

According to Sony, these three points are must for the company and they focus on them while making games which mostly results in as the right decision for them.

Source: VentureBeat