Parts of Death Stranding World Are Designed for Sheldon Cooper

What is Death Stranding? I wish we knew by now because after E3 a better part of the community is feeling annoyed by the game’s marketing and the reveal plan. Even after backlash, Kojima Productions keeps teasing the game without any concrete details.

Earlier another tease came through the official Kojima Productions Twitter page. Since no one seems to be able to make sense of what it means, we are here to help and through wild speculations, we are going try and figure it out.

To us, it seems parts of the game is designed for Sheldon Cooper from The Big Band Theory, in fact, we may even see him appear as a character in Death Stranding.

First, Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical Physicist and Death Stranding features crazy scientific concepts. Secondly, according to Kojima Productions, you can not shake hands in the world of Death Stranding. This is perfect for Sheldon Cooper as he is a germophobe and would feel comfortable on the game, of course, he would still complain a lot which may drive those Alien entities away.

And since Hideo Kojima has strong ties in Hollywood, Sheldon’s appearance is a possibility. So is Kojima Productions teasing his arrival?

At this point anything is possible with Death Stranding, so why not speculate Sheldon Cooper? Because of course, Hideo Kojima has no plans to actually discuss what this game is about and how it plays. And also, he would be better prepared for an apocalypse than Sam.

How long will this strategy favor Death Stranding? Well, we are already seeing some backlash from the community and certain media outlets as well.

Note: It goes without saying but this article is not meant to be taken seriously.

Image Credit: CBS