Nintendo Switch Internal Trinket Hardmod Is Another Switch Hack That Allows Users To Run “Homebew” Code

There have been plenty of hacks that have emerged for Nintendo Switch and now another hack, Nintendo Switch Internal Trinket hardmod, has emerged for the Switch that allows users to run homebrew code.

The Nintendo Switch Internal Trinket Hardmod works by putting the Switch in recovery mode by shorting two pins in the controller connector.

Once the Switch has been put into recovery mode, users either need a computer or a microcontroller, connected through Switch’s USB port, to inject the code to hack the hybrid console to run homebrew code.

However, you need to repeat the steps everytime you shut down the system as the hack resets when the system is turned off.

However, this is not the only hack present for Nintendo Switch that has caused an upset for Nintendo as a future-proof hack also exists for the hybrid console.

The future-proof hack for Nintendo Switch was revealed by Team-Xecuter. This particular Nintendo Switch hack also allows users to run third-party or homebrew code which can potentially open up the hybrid console to piracy.

According to the group, the hack will work on any Nintendo Switch despite the firmware installed hence making it future-proof.

This Nintendo Switch hack will open up the console to custom firmware meaning those who have the technical know-how of the console will be able to control the functions of the consoles.

The reason why this hack is future-proof is that the hack is related to an exploit that exists in Nvidia Tegra processor used for Nintendo Switch.

Not only that, hackers have noted that if Nintendo intends to keep its console safe from hacks and piracy, then it needs to roll out a new version of Switch with a new and improved SOC that will be immune to these hacks.

Tegra bootrom bug is so obvious that multiple people have independently discovered it by now; at best, a release by other homebrew teams is inevitable, while at worst, a certain piracy modchip team might make the first move. 90 days ago, we begun the responsible disclosure process with Google, as Tegra chips are often used in Android devices.

Since the discovery of exploits, there have been many hacks released for Switch which has created an alarming situation for Nintendo as these hacks will potentially open up the console to piracy.

The only way to rid the Switch of these hacks is that Nintendo rolls out a new version of Switch with updated SOC.

What do you think of Nintendo Switch hacks? Will Nintendo Switch Internal Trinket hardmod present a problem for Nintendo? Let us know in the comments.