The Latest PS Vita Firmware Version 3.68 Has Been Exploited, Allows All The Homebrew

There are a those who really love the consoles for what they are and then there are those, who do love those console but only to exploit them as much as they can. Turns out the hackers have landed yet another crush on the latest PS Vita Firmware Version 3.68. This latest Firmware Version 3.68 has been exploited and now users with firmware version 3.65 can use this exploit, to open up their hardware to all homebrew.

This exploit permanently opens the hardware to all homebrew provided they are on firmware 3.65, however, if the users are already updated to version 3.68, they can still use the exploit though with temporary usage.

This PS Vita Firmware Version 3.68 exploit was discovered, by a user who goes by the name, “TheFlow”. He shared the complete method, on how users can run this exploit on their consoles. What this exploit does is allow the users to unlock the full capabilities of the PS Vita, that includes emulation support of all the PSP games.

As you may already know that, the emulators for PS Vita are already available, which enable you to run almost every classic game, so this is a really heavy move done by the hackers.

As you may know that, Sony has made this console a bit costly, because of the legitimacy of memory card utilized for capacity. Now though using this exploit you can use the hack to use the adapter, which enables you to support microSD cards, ultimately letting you increase your storage.

Having said that, although hacks may seem quite tempting and of course provides a lot of perks as well, it is still a privacy risk, so we would recommend you to abstain from using the hack, especially for piracy reasons.

Still, provided the fact that Sony has ended the physical production of Vita games, users do tend to look for more gamers. So if you are among those users looking to increase your storage or to play emulated old games, then this is certainly not a bad option.

That said are you interested in the this PS Vita hack? Let us know in the comments below.