DICE May Include a Bagpipe to Battlefield V Customization Items, Producer Defends Historical Accuracy

Battlefield V customization items have been criticised but while we have confirmed they are historically accurate, many still believe otherwise. EA DICE has now come forward to defend vanity items of Battlefield V. Speaking to the PC Gamer Magazine, DICE Producer, Andreas Morrell, said they understand these vanity items need to be believable.

DICE is claiming Battlefield V customization items fit the era, “we are not creating a steampunk,” said Morrell. What’s even more interesting is that we may see some very unusual items in Battlefield V. According to Morell, they came across a World War II soldier named ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill.

‘Mad Jack’ Churchill was part of the Norwegian campaign from the British Army. He is the only man with a confirmed Sword kill in World War II. He used to carry a bagpipe and a Scottish broadsword into battle. So fans shouldn’t be surprised to see a bagpipe in the list of Battlefield V customization items, said Andreas Morrell.

EA DICE isn’t caving to the backlash from a vocal minority. Be it Battlefield V customization items or the women soldiers, DICE is defending its choices. It is a fact Women soldiers were a part of World War II and many fought on the Battlefield as well. However, their inclusion and participation in battle are exaggerated in Battlefield V; it is a video game at the end of the game.

Different people with different opinions are contributing to the debate. Some hardcore fans aren’t happy while others don’t find it a big deal. But initially the backlash went too far, in fact, Reddit had to shut down this debate completely.

Battlefield V closed alpha is taking place on Origin right now and servers are full. This shows community interest, something we are seeing ever since the second trailer dropped.

Battlefield is coming on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this October. You can pre-order the game right now from Origin, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace.

Regardless of the backlash, Battlefield seems like a fun game and DICE is prioritizing fun over historical accuracy. But that surely doesn’t mean BFV is histoically inaccurate, parts of it are exaggerated. Is that something the community can expect? We will have to wait and see.