Devil May Cry 5 Nero Face Model Is Actually Handsome In Real Life

Devil May Cry 5 is halfway done through the production phase and people have been a lot curious about the locations and characters included in the game.

The main protagonist of the game is confirmed as Nero and he’s looking really good which made everyone ask Capcom who’s really the model behind that handsome face.¬†Matthew Walker, producer of Capcom went on to reveal that Nero’s face model is named Karlo Baker and is from Britain which made the internet¬†do the searching and found us the real face behind Nero.

Karlo Baker is a fashion and fitness model who’s really active on Instagram and really likes to travel. He’s really handsome in real life as well and the people on the internet are going crazy for him. You can have a look at him in the pictures below and figure that out yourself.

Interestingly, there’s no public announcement made that he’s the face model of Nero, so a user reached out to him and asked him if he’s the face model in DMC 5 which he replied to by saying yes and he seemed really happy that people reached out to him.

In other news, there is no confirmation who’s the main villain in Devil May Cry 5 but according to the recent theories, it is Strada who’s stayed as a mysterious character in the Devil May Cry series and he’s the father of Dante, brother of Mundus which gives him another reason to be a badass villain in the game. After he’s confirmed, we are sure everyone will want to know the real face model behind him as well.

Devil May Cry 5 will include more demons than ever and the production of the game is already 75% complete. We can’t wait to get our hands on the game when it releases in 2019.