The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Guide To Treasure, Codes, Costume Pieces

Time to get a look at what Life is Strange 2 has to offer; thanks to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, we got introduced us to some new mechanics and concepts. TAAoCS is quite a short game but that does not mean you cannot miss some important details. To help you do not miss anything, our The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Guide will help you out.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Guide

In this game, you play as Chris, an imaginative young kid who is obsessed with superheroes and fighting the evil. Players control the protagonist from a third-person perspective and as interactive games go, you explore your surroundings to best get an idea of the game’s narrative.

Once again, there is a tonne of dialogue options associated with each event and though they do not significantly change the outcome and fates, they will add to the depth of story and allow you to access valuable bits of info regarding the narrative. Try to explore all dialogue options and if you cannot, just choose the ones that relate to you.

Finding your Superhero Costume

One of the main objectives of the game is to gather pieces of garments that go into making the desired superhero outfit for Chris. When it comes to assembling the suit, you can choose from one of two choices in each of the costume aspects: head, body, and color.

The available choices would be light or heavy armor, colorful or dark outfit, and lastly; go with a helmet/mask (more adorable). You will need to head to the specific locations for the individual pieces of the costume and we have listed them below:

Head to the bathroom and use mum’s makeup to draw yourself a blue mask that goes over your eyes.

For this one, head to the kitchen and pick up the tinfoil to wrap it around Chris’ head along with some chocolate bars.

Light Armor
A tape found in a closet in the parents’ bedroom.

Heavy Armor
Head to the truck of your dad, grab the cardboard and wear it.

Different tones of color can be selected by heading to the garage and unlocking the shed via the key found in the kitchen. Here you will find a spray to do the paint job.

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Finding Treasure in the Maze

Thing is, you already have a map in Chris’ room but you cannot make sense of it. Head to the tree house in the backyard of the garden and collect the Secret Decoder from the stash. Return to Chris’ room and align it with the map to such as it matches the numbers and circles. This will reveal the location of the actual treasure.

You will be pointed towards the Maze of Doom that is situated just outside of the house building. You will enter it through a pile of snow and junk, via a small opening. Now follow the directions on your map that tells you to move left, right, and then left twice. This will lead you to the treasure outside the maze, some letters, and pictures of your mom.

Playing with the Beer Cans

Maybe you are in the mood to mess with dad’s beer cans?! Gather them from the kitchen counter and put them in the bin. Interact with the dustbin to bring it outside, stack the cans on the railing of the porch such that you can practice aiming, and target range on them. Aim manually and take them out!

The Heroes and Villains

There are various toys and inanimate objects brought to life by Chris’ imagination. He will assemble his own team of heroes to fight against the many evil villains you will come across.

Chris encounters an evil enemy briefly while he is in the basement of the house in an attempt to turn the electricity back on. However, that will not be as easy as he will need to go through the Water Eater first. Once inside the room, turn on the lights and follow the on-screen instructions and prompts to confront the monster and have it your way.

The Snowmancer is in the backyard and can be dealt with firecrackers that can be found in a cabinet in dad’s garage. You will need to input code 2005 to unlock the shelf and grab the weapon to blow up the evil Snowmancer.

Take on the final boss enemy in the game, the Mantroid who is situated on a different planet. Grab the keys from near the couch in the living room, as these will help you operate dad’s truck. Go to the vehicle outside and fight off against Mantroid.

Some other enemy toys that can be interacted with include Notorious and the Shark-Stinger both of which can be found in your bedroom, and Noctared that will be in the tree house.

While on the heroes’ side, it is you along with Power Bear in the bedroom, Forest Warrior by the bedside table in the room, and Dinosaur Toy on the floor of the living lounge room. Two additional toys, Sky Pirate and Ice Queen can be found in the tree house in the backyard of the house.

Codes and PIN

The only numbers that would be required are the ones that you have to input in the padlock of the cabinet in dad’s garage. This is 2005 that, if you look around, will come to know is the year your dad won the Baseball Championship in high school.

This will get you the firecrackers to deal with the Snowmancer, some of your mum’s stuff and the spray paint that can be applied to the costume of Chris.

The other is a bit trickier. To access your dad’s phone, you will need to enter a PIN code. The answer is 42983294 and you get to the conclusion by associating a number with each letter of the word ‘hawtdawg’. Cheeky, right?

This is all we have in our The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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