Next-gen Xbox Scarlet Will Cost No Less Than $500 At Launch, Expect To See A New(Revised) Controller

The next-gen Xbox is being architectured as we speak, as said by Phil Spencer and we have also got reports that the upcoming console is codenamed, Scarlet. That is the name that we are going with. While it might seem to early to talk about next-gen Xbox Scarlet as it will be coming out no sooner than 2020 I have an interesting prediction regarding the device that you might be interested in hearing.

I think that the upcoming next-gen Xbox Scarlet will cost more than $500 Why is that you say? Well, the prices of hardware is getting expensive and even though Microsoft has a lot of buying power, it is still not going to be cheap for the company. Hardware prices are increasing and we have been telling you this way before Xbox Scarlet was teased at E3 2018.

RAM prices are off the charts and going into 2018 other hardware components are going to get expensive as well. Other than that I believe that slow boots and long loading times will not be acceptable for the upcoming next-gen Xbox Scarlet. While software tweaking is great, there is nothing better than replacing that HDD with an SSD.

Xbox Scarlet

There are manufacturers that are willing to pay more in order to get hardware sooner and the mobile market is one of those markets. I also think that the upcoming console will have more RAM and the graphics chip will have more memory as well in order to provide better graphics and keep things snappy. We also know that Micron is mass producing GDDR6 memory now, as the console is going to come out two years from now I think it will also use the new memory and ditch the older type.

I guess at this point you would expect nothing less from the next console from Microsoft. While SSDs will get the job done and allow you to boot your console faster and reduce game loading times, they do come at a cost. A cost that is very high as compared to HDDs. While you may argue that SSDs have been getter cheaper in these past couple of months, and you would be right in saying so, remember that we are talking about mass producing a console and the difference in prices of components can have a significant effect when you are going to produce millions of units.

I also expect the upcoming Xbox Scarlet to ship with a revised controller. Something that might not be a drastic change from the original Xbox One controller but there might as well be some minor changes. I would not be surprised if we got a redesign. We have had pretty much the same controller since the original Xbox One came out.

Xbox Scarlet

While there have been minor upgrades over the years and you now have the option to get custom colors, I think now is the time to ship a new controller keeping in mind the controller was same for the Xbox One S as well as the Xbox One X. Three consoles have had the same controller.

While we do not have much information regarding the route that Microsoft is taking, I think that they are not done with the Xbox One X just yet. Think about it, the console is relatively new and the company has put a lot of money into developing the Scorpio Engine. Is Xbox just going to leave it in favor of Xbox Scarlet? I don’t think so. So what is going to happen?

Xbox Scarlet

I think that Microsoft is planning on keeping both consoles relevant. The Xbox One X will become the base model and the upcoming Xbox Scarlet will replace the Xbox One X. Just like the Xbox One S is the base model right now and the X is the high-end version. This does make sense as Phil Spencer mentioned that there will be a family of devices. While this is a bit if a tease I think that this explains a lot and does make sense.

Let us know what you think about Xbox Scarlet and whether or not you think the Xbox One X will still be relevant when the new console comes out.