New Fortnite Mode For 50 vs 50 Play Comes While Playground Is Down

While Fortnite’s Playground mode is offline due to Epic Games wanting to iron out a few more bugs that came with it, the company has decided to implement a new Fortnite mode, or rather, new in the grand scheme of things. The 50 vs 50 mode will be replacing Final Fight.

Final Fight was originally a game mode that allowed players to form teams of 12 in order to have higher and grander scales of combat. However, player feedback has caused Epic to take Final Fight down and instead replace it with the 50 vs 50 “war” mode that allows the gathered players of a game to split into two teams and engage in a large-scale battle.

The new Fortnite mode is a limited time event, meaning that it won’t stick around forever, so if you’ve been wanting to see what it’s like to take part in a great big dust-up with forty-nine other people against another team of fifty, you don’t have much time to actually take part.

Both the Playground mode and new Fortnite mode for 50 vs 50 players are sure to have a lot of other players taking part all across the game’s platforms, including the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the two most recent platforms that the game has come to.

While there’s no indication yet that players will be able to play against Fortnite users on different consoles just yet, there’s bound to be enough players on Fortnite no matter what you’re playing on, considering the game’s utterly huge player base.

Either way, considering that the new Fortnite mode for 50 vs 50 players is currently available to play, along with a Fortnite Double XP weekend, this is probably one of the best opportunities to play Fortnite and have a ton of fun in a long time. You can currently play Fortnite on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.