The Division 2 Brands Give Bonuses If You Have A Full Set

Arrekz Gaming, a YouTuber who is one of the big names in the Division games, has gone live again with some information about The Division 2 now that the post-E3 hype has had time to settle down. Primarily he talks about The Division 2 brands, which can be very helpful to players.

Brands in The Division 2 operate much like set bonuses in various other RPGs, being various different suits of armor that will give you an advantage when you have a full set from the same brand, or even just more than one piece in general. It’s similar to the same sort of gear system that came out in the original Division game, though there are now differences between gear sets and brand sets.

Gear sets are groups of gear that all come from the same set, meaning that each one will have the same sort of name and visual style that will mark it as part of a specific set of gear that you can use. Brand sets are different, as they can be different sorts of gear but can all be under a single unifying brand. So you might even get double the bonus if you end up getting a gear set together that all has the same The Division 2 brands on it as well.

We don’t really have any sort of specifics about the various gear that we’ll be encountering in The Division 2, but hopefully all of it looks pretty cool and will help players be able to get good bonuses from the Division 2 brands that they’ll be part of.

The Division 2 will be coming out on March 15 of next year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, so until then you might want to brush up on your gameplay by playing some more of the first Division game, if you still have stuff in it that you want to do.