Google Wants to Compete With PS5 and The Next Xbox, Rumor

As we all know, time is near as it’s already been 5 years since Xbox One and PS4 were announced which tells us that the next generation of consoles is going to be released sometime near in the future.

It’s already confirmed by Microsoft who announced that they are working on their next console along with a most possible PS5 by Sony for the next-gen consoles but what comes as a surprise is that Google is planning to enter the game market in the future.

When it comes to gaming consoles, only Xbox and PlayStation comes to our mind at first and they have been in competition for a very long time. It’s really exciting to even know that a third competitor could come in which can be none other than the internet giant Google itself.

It has been revealed by Kotaku which is one the most trusted sites on the internet that Google is working on entering the market by having three main targets which will include a video streaming platform, physical hardware and bring some big developers under it to work on it.

Google is big so it won’t be hard for them to acquire some already existing studios. Google coming in the gaming industry won’t come as a shock because the company has already shown a lot of interest in gaming by considering to buy Twitch before Amazon.

Google has it’s own huge Youtube platform which supports all the gamers by having the different features including Youtube Gaming which works just like Twitch.

There have been rumors that the upcoming streaming device from Google is called codename Yeti. kotaku also mentions that the company has talked with developers and players at the Game Developers Conference and at E3 before.

The game streaming service idea could be taken from the Nvidia’s GeForce Now gaming or PlayStation Now which allows you to stream PS4, PS3, and Vita games on your TV. It’s most likely whatever the console or the project it, it will definitely have a deep relationship with Youtube.

There’s not a confirmation yet so don’t get too excited as there’s some time for the next-gen consoles to arrive and who knows we might see Google jump into the world of gaming with their own console.

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Source: Kotaku