Sony Cross Platform Play Is Being Considered With Xbox One And Switch

Apparently, Sony cross platform play is being considered along with the Xbox One and Switch. While we don’t know what game it might happen to or even if it will happen at all, it’s a step in the right direction considering the positions that Sony has when it comes to cross platform play.

The possibility of Sony cross platform play being possible came from Shawn Layden at Gamelab 2018, when he was asked about if the Playstation 4 would cross play with other consoles.

The company has previously said that it won’t be doing cross platform play in order to protect its younger users from the possibility of seeing objectionable material online. However, they’ve since come under renewed criticism after Fortnite came to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Without cross platform play, players who played Fortnite on the Playstation 4 and wanted to also play on the Switch would have to start their progress all over again.

This, of course, wasn’t very popular with many Fortnite players, and sparked off a good amount of criticism for why Sony cross platform play wasn’t happening, with the various reasons being everything from protecting its younger users to straight up money, with Sony wanting to keep getting in money from PS4-exclusive games.

If a Sony cross platform play capable game is in fact in talks, then we might be seeing something like Fortnite or something else, likely some sort of multiplayer game like Rocket League. Of course, that all depends on if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo actually all agree to do it. Even if Playstation does intend to implement full cross platform play with Fortnite, there’s no telling if the negotiations will actually work out.

Hopefully the Sony cross platform play will eventually work out and cross platform play will have a huge rebound now that all sorts of games can be played on any console.