PUBG Event Pass Receives Few Changes After Public Outcry

The first-ever Event Pass for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been drowning in controversy since it was launched last week by PUBG Corp. to accompany the new map called Sanhok.

It is clearly inspired by the well-received Battle Pass from Fortnite and allows players to unlock premium loot such as themed cosmetics and other assorted items. These can be obtained by completing exclusive missions, each granting experience points toward a respective tier of rewards.

The only problem was that non-owners were finding it pretty difficult to make any progress without indulging in time-consuming grinding.

Based on calculations recently done by a fellow community member, players must invest six to eight hours per day in order to reach the maximum progression level before the event expires in a month.

This can obviously be solved by simply purchasing the Event Pass but when there is an option to earn the same premium loot for free, such a massive obstacle comes as nothing but diabolical.

Hence, things turned ugly in the past week with players spamming complaints on every social media platform linked to either the developer or the game.

Thankfully, PUBG Corp. was listening to the feedback all this time. In a new post on the official Steam page earlier today, befitting changes were announced to improve the dire situation for non-owners.

The daily experience limit is being increased from 80 to 120. The minimum play time required to count towards mission progress is being reduced from 5 to 2 minutes. The minimum play time required to acquire experience points is also being reduced from 5 to 2.5 minutes. In addition, the base play time experience payment will now be granted in 2.5-minute intervals from 5 minutes.

Finally, mission progress for duo or squad games has been adjusted to update when your team wins or when your whole team is eliminated. The mission requirements for “reach top three without killing anyone in solos” has been updated as well to allow two or less kills.

“The Event Pass was introduced to let players experience a different way to enjoy new PUBG content,” reads the announcement. “Your feedback regarding the Event Pass has been extremely valuable to us, and we’re making some changes based on the feedback received.”

The changes should make it easier for players to reach the maximum level faster than before and unlock all the loot in the process. Those still interested in purchasing the Event Pass can do so by dishing out $9.99.

Take note that the ongoing Steam Summer Sale has slashed PUBG down to $19.99 for a limited time. Unfortunately, the discount frenzy does not extend to the Event Pass.