Marty O’Donnell Is Once Again Making Music, If Not Halo Infinite Then What?

Every Halo fan knows the amazing chords of Marty O’Donnell that provided us with amazing background music throughout the entirety of the original Halo trilogy. Now, according to rumors, it would appear that the master is back and working on more music for the Xbox’s biggest franchise (most probably for Halo 6), as far as we know.

Marty O’Donnell was Bungie’s go-to composer for years, both in the first four Halo games (Combat Evolved, 2, 3, and Halo Reach) but was fired during the development of Destiny when he protested how the studio’s partnership with Activision was ruining the company culture. He would later sue to get back his stock holdings in Bungie.

The rumor about Marty O’Donnell composing for Halo Infinite originally started when a Redditor said that they had seen Marty O’Donnell, Jen Taylor, and Joe Staten all in a coffee shop together, and it turned out to be a meeting. Considering that Jen Taylor is the voice of Cortana, and Joe Staten was previously one of the lead writers on the first Halo game, we might very well be seeing the dream team back together again.

Considering that Halo Infinite is in development right now (even though its E3 trailer was just a proof-of-concept thing), it might be the right sort of Halo game that Marty O’Donnell could get back into, or at least be a return to older Halo games, especially since it seems to be more like old-school Halo rather than the new trilogy’s newer aesthetic. Or could it be that they all are working on a new project?

Made even more significant is that after the meeting (which O’Donnell said was not a random chance meeting at all) was that Marty O’Donnell ended up tweeting a message to Steve Downes, who has provided the iconic voice of the Master Chief. With Cortana, the Chief, O’Donnell, and Joe Staten all meeting together, something Halo-related has to be happening.

But at the same time, all we have are rumors. Halo Infinite is definitely some sort of Halo game, but we have no idea of what the game will actually be about. It could be some form of multiplayer game, could be related to an upcoming Halo game (whether the end of this current trilogy or something entirely different), or something else. But once again, all we have to go on is rumors about Marty O’Donnell.