Fortnite Physical Copies Are Being Sold For $450 On Ebay, Will You Buy One?

Fortnite is the most famous game available to play right now on all platforms. You might remember it by the name of Fortnite Battle Royale but that’s not all because it also includes the PvE mode in the game which is not that famous.

If you don’t know. Fortnite also comes as in a physical version with a disc which has been sold for a high amount all over the world. People don’t even know that there’s a physical version of the game because Fortnite Battle Royale is available for free but as a digital version on all platforms.

Battle Royale launched and took over the gaming community by storm. Fortnite has set the bar now which has made the price of Fortnite physical copies increase insanely. You won’t believe, Fortnite physical copies on eBay have been sold for $449 or even more. It’s already sold out in case if you want to buy one.

The other mode in Fortnite is known as Save the World, which is available for $40 and It will be sold for free once the game exits early access. If you are one of them who has bought the game over eBay for such insane prices, you must be definitely in shock.

The physical edition of the game will be good for collectors to have as indeed it’s a masterpiece and in the past, it has been that they pay a huge amount of money for anything which is rare.

Fortnite earns a huge load of money but you must be thinking how it does as it’s free for now. The game includes microtransactions in the form of a season pass or in-game currency which you can use to spend on the in-game cosmetics and stand out from others in the game.