Beyond Good And Evil 2: How Ubisoft Montpellier And HitRecord Collaboration With The Community Works

If you remember back at E3 2018, a collaboration between Ubisoft Montpellier And HitRecord was announced, alongside it was also revealed, that both of the studios have been working side by side, on the upcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2. The game producer Guillaume Brunier has recently shared how both of the studios have worked together with the gaming community, on the various aspects of the game, to make it as brilliant as possible.

Talking about the Ubisoft Montpellier And HitRecord collaboration, Guillaume Brunier said that they have been working with the studio for over a year and it has been a remarkable experience.

“We’ve worked with [HitRecord] for over a year right now and I’m really, really happy we’re working with them. The way they work is that people can come to their site [and] answer our brief.” Brunier said.

Brunier then went on to explain how the collaboration with the community works, Starting off, what Ubisoft Montpellier does is, design specific briefs for the designers, who would then work upon them.

Montpellier prepares a brief, for any media type they would prefer to include in the game. It may include pirate radio songs, radio host segments or perhaps anti-hybrid propaganda, which can be posted on the walls of the Ganesha City.

Once everyone is briefed, then people can get the ball rolling. They can work and prepare their unique ideas, in the form of drawing or what so ever. Like if you have an idea that can be used as a poster, but you do not have the skill to transform it into a drawing, then you can just write a slogan that explains your idea.

Or “If you know how to draw, hit up the slogan, remix the slogan and put it in a picture. If I know how to colorize it, I will release the stuff then hit record.” Brunier said

What comes next is the “great validation process” done by Ubisoft Montpellier. They will review it and if they decide to include it, they let HitRecord know.

Then HitRecord will manually go through all the contributions, that lead to one specific design. They will pluck out the best ones for the taglines and for the drawings.

After that, they will purpose a payment which would be validated by the community, for everyone whose work has been selected and after about two weeks, you will get the decided payment for what you contributed.

The best part is that the contributors will also be credited, for their contribution.

Having said that, this partnership of Ubisoft Montpellier And HitRecord is something that can prove to be quite revolutionary for the gaming community as a whole. It could pave a way for the community to show of their talents and skills as well, to the world.

If all goes right Beyond Good And Evil 2 could really turn out to be something magnificent, provided the fact that such collaborations may help build more versatile details in the game.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 will hopefully be rolling out on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 sometime in 2019.

Source: stevivor