AMD Clarifies The Confusion Over FreeSync 2 Re-branding To Freesync 2 HDR

Just recently AMD announced the rebranding of Freesync 2 to Freesync 2 HDR along with increased minimum system requirements for displays to get the Freesync 2 HDR certification.

However, this created a confusion among the consumers over VESA’s DisplayHDR 600 being the minimum HDR requirement for displays to acquire the Freesync 2 HDR badge.

The reason why this has caused a confusion among the consumers is that with Freesync 2 being rebranded the previous displays having the Freesync 2 certification feature DisplayHDR 400 and can be certified as FreeSync 2 HDR.

However, AMD tried to clear up the confusion in a statement to TechPowerUp, acknowledging the confusion that has been caused by the rebranding. According to AMD, Freesync 2 is separate from its rebranding and only the display with DisplayHDR 600 will be qualified as Freesync 2 HDR.

These two programs are separate and independent from each other. When DisplayHDR 400 was defined, it was clear from the start that the FreeSync 2 requirements for color gamut, max brightness, and contrast ratio set a higher bar than DisplayHDR 400. AMD is not lowering the bar for FreeSync 2 HDR to align with DisplayHDR 400. We’re clarifying that a display that meets the requirements for DisplayHDR 600, or higher, could meet the color gamut, max brightness and contrast ratio requirements of FreeSync 2 HDR.

Speaking of the Freesync tech, Microsoft has promised to bring this feature to Xbox One S and Xbox One X and currently this feature is accessible to insiders.

Xbox One would be the first console to feature freesync and would also make sense as it uses the AMD APU.

For those who don’t know, freesync is the tech that allows for gamers to play games at a variable framerate without the tension of screen tearing. However, to use this function gamers need to have a display that supports Freesync.

However, testing the freesync capability of Xbox revealed variable results depending on the game. The functionality was tested on Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, The Vanishing of Ethen Carter, Hitman 2016, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy 15 and more.

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Source: TechpowerUp