Kingdom Hearts 3 Graphics Comparison With Frozen and Tangled

SinceĀ Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to roll out in January of 2019, there are a lot of eyes set on various aspects of the game. A short comparison video has surfaced, that has utilized all the available Kingdom Heart 3 trailers and compared it to their counterpart films used in the game.

It is a short video comparison of the new E3 trailers, with the counterpart films used in the game models, in order to determine the difference in the visuals.

Starting off we see the same scene, in Kingdom Hearts 3 side by side with the Frozen film. To be honest from the first look they both seem pretty similar but then again, if you look closely, Kingdom Hearts 3 just might have taken an edge over the animation film.

Then when we see the comparison of the game with the scene from Tangled, there we can actually see the difference. The graphical details seem to be very intense, compared to the one we see in the film.

One thing that can be observed is that when we compare the exact picture of a specific scene of the game and the film, we find that in the film the visuals are a bit blurry on the edges whereas in the game they are quite detailed.

So apparently it seems like Kingdom Hearts 3 graphics, will perhaps be better than we expect them to be. Still, it would be too early to conclude anything, considering these are the trailers in comparison and not the genuine game.

Having said that, not sure if you have heard or not, a fan of the game has gone through all the available trailers, to make a list of 11 out of 13 seekers of darkness, that might be making their way in Kingdom Hearts 3.

What are your thoughts about this Kingdom Hearts 3 Graphics Compassion? Let us know in the comments below.