Spider Man Webslinging And New Game Plus Discussed By Insomniac

Insomniac Games has given players a small tutorial on how they can expect the Spider Man webslinging to work in the game. There’s also been a slight tease that the game may have a new game plus mode from another Twitter discussion, though no confirmation yet for that particular feature.

As with any Spider Man game, the webslinging is paramount to many people’s enjoyment of the game. Being able to swing around New York City without a care in the world is an essential part of Spider Man, and so the webslinging for Insomnniac’s upcoming game is quite important.

The Spider Man webslinging tutorial that we were given on Twitter is a simple enough one; it’s not just something that you can expect to do just holding down a button constantly, according to Insomniac’s official Twitter page. In order to actually swing, you can’t hold the right trigger down for anything automatic because otherwise the web will snap and you’ll end up falling. In order to keep moving, you have to release the right trigger or press X.

Other than the Spider Man webslinging, however, another Twitter message also brought up the possibility of a new game plus mode for the game, so that you could see yourself in older cutscenes but with newer unlocked costumes. Insomniac’s Bryan Intihar has said that such a function would be cool, but he didn’t confirm whether or not it would actually be coming to the game.

While there’s no guarantee that it will be coming to the game at all, who knows what a new game plus mode would bring to the game at some point in the future? Ordinarily Intihar has swiftly put the kibosh on features that aren’t planned in the game, so him saying that it would be cool if it were in there might mean we’ll be seeing a new game plus mode later in the game’s lifetime.