PlayStation Plus July 2018 Games To Be Revealed Tomorrow, What Are You Expecting?

The announcement of PlayStation Plus free games for the month of July is coming closer and it will bring some new free games for the PlayStation users who own a PS4, PS Vita or PS3.

These new games will be announced tomorrow on Wednesday, June 27 at 4:30 UK standard time if Sony keeps up with the time of their previous recent PS Plus announcements. So set an alarm if you want to be the first one to know about the latest free games.

The free games for the month of July will be available to download starting on July 3. So you have a week to grab the games for the month of June before they vanish and get replaced by the new games.

PlayStation Plus games have been decent in recent months so we are expecting Sony to surprise everyone by bringing something unusual and big, maybe Uncharted or Last Of Us Remastered.

There’s a lot of games which will keep us busy for a whole month so it’s entirely up to Sony now. Do check out our site tomorrow as we will reveal the games for the month of July along with details.

We would also like to alert PS Plus users by telling that Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is available for free with PS Plus so grab it as soon as you can as it totally came as a surprise along with the announcement of Black Ops 4 by Treyarch.

Don’t forget to pick up XCOM 2 on PS4 before July 3 which is a famously known turn-based tactic game. Trials Fusion is also available for the racing motorsport fans.

PS3 users have Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier for this month along with Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition and PS Vita users can grab Atomic Ninjas and Squares.

What do you want to see for PlayStation Plus July 2018?