Monster Hunter World “Can’t Be Done” On Nintendo Switch, Will Bring Monster Hunter Titles Designed Specifically For Switch

Monster Hunter World launched earlier this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be available for PC this fall. However, Nintendo fans are expecting that the game will make to Nintendo Switch eventually given that past entries were exclusive to Nintendo 3DS. Turns out Capcom has no plans of bringing Monster Hunter World to Switch.

According to the Twitter user, Dom, during the recent earnings call for the company, Capcom noted that Monster Hunter World can’t be done on Nintendo Switch confirming that Capcom has no plans to port the game to Switch.

However, that doesn’t mean Capacom will not be releasing any Monster Hunter title on Switch as Capcom noted during the same earnings call that it will be bringing other Monster Hunter titles designed specifically for Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of Monster Hunter franchise, a Monster Hunter movie is also in development with Milla Jovovich signed on to star in the movie. The Monster Hunter movie will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and reportedly has a budget of $60 million.

Not only that, Monster Hunter World has proven to be incredibly successful for Capcom as the game has shipped 7.9 million units by May 2018.

In the home video game market, sales of more than one million units is the generally accepted standard for a major hit. Since Capcom’s inception, we have created many of these titles, including Street Fighter and Resident Evil. With more than 80 titles that have sold more than one million units, Capcom stands alone in the video game industry

Furthermore, Monster Hunter: World has become the highest-selling game in the history of Capcom beating Resident Evil 5’s lifetime sales in less than 6 months.

Monster Hunter World is an open-world action adventure title developed by Capcom for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version of the game is scheduled to launch this fall.