Fallout 76 Mod For Fallout 4 Gives Players A Sneak Peak Of Upcoming Game

A Fallout 4 player has apparently decided to give players a early taste of what he believes it will be like to be in Fallout 76 with a new Fallout 76 mod, which takes place in the Fallout 4 map and will include NPCs that will harass you as you go on your adventure.

While it won’t bring in human players to the game, the NPCs that are added in the Fallout 76 mod will still follow you around and try to kill you at every opportunity in order to prevent you from getting to your destination or succeed in your objective. This is intended to mimic the experience that many expect Fallout 76 to be like, since that game will be primarily multiplayer focused with no central story.

Bethesda has said that the game won’t allow griefing in any significant capacity, as in order for PVP to become available you have to respond to a challenge from a player in some way. And if you do die to another player, you’ll respawn far away from them, preventing them from constantly killing you as you respawn.

However, even if you don’t respond to a player’s request to fight you, there’s always the possibility that a player could follow you around, trying to get in your way in order to either force you to fight them or just to inconvenience you, though there’s no guarantee that’s going to happen in the game.

In order to help with Fallout 76’s aesthetic of there not being very many NPCs in the mountains of West Virginia, many non-essential NPCs have also been taken out of Fallout 4, such as 52 of the 65 different NPCs in Diamond City.

Nukes are also a thing in the Fallout 76 mod, and they will always target the player, mimicking how nuclear missiles are available to launch in Fallout 76 so long as you have the launch codes.

While much fo this can be scaremongering if you haven’t been paying attention to Bethesda’s own explanations on how the game’s systems will work, you can still download the Fallout 76 mod from here. Fallout 76 itself will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 14 of this year.