Dragon Quest 11 For Nintendo Switch Will Have Exclusive Content?

Dragon Quest 11 will launch on PC and PlayStation 4 this September but the Nintendo Switch version of the game will arrive sometime later which has disappointed some Nintendo Switch users but it looks like they’ll be treated special after all this wait.

Dragon Quest 11 for Switch is not arriving soon but Nintendo Switch users can relax for now. This news comes from a stockholder who says that the Switch version will consist of exclusive content which will be not present in the PlayStation 4 or other versions of the game.

We have translated the Tweet for you below.

Square General Assembly. The DQ 11 Switch version contains additional elements not included in the PS 4 version. Regarding the remake of FF7, progress has been told from the outside, but development is steadily progressing and I want you to be relieved. I do not develop the HD of DQ 3 (like 11), but I am considering, but I think that the development of DQ 12 will be the first.

Take this with a grain of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed. We will have to wait for Square Enix to respond to this and if it’s true it’s good to know there’s some exclusive content for the Switch version of the game.

We have no idea yet about what this content will be. It might be a crossover but we can’t say anything for now. Characters from other games might be included which has been seen in other games recently.

Though, talking about Dragon Quest 11, it will feature a lot of changes from graphics to story and more. The game will have additional features and will be visually enhanced as compared to the Japanese version of the game.

What do you think this exclusive content will be? Let us know in the comments below.