Will Beyond Good And Evil 2 Roll Out On Nintendo Switch? It’s a Long Shot But Never Say Never

This is one of those oldest living desires that has had more than a fair share of rumors. Long before Nintendo Switch was in development and was slated to roll out, a lot of rumors came prominent, among them was one that seems to still be alive. The desire of the fans to see Beyond Good And Evil 2 on Nintendo Switch. This rumor was dying but Ubisoft’s E3 2018 conference seems to have brought it back to life.

Although Ubisoft did not say a word related to Switch, the teaser of the game seems to have stirred a lot of hype and you know better, where there is a lot of hype there are bound to be rumors. So among this excitement, fans are once again asking the big question, will we see Beyond Good And Evil 2 on Nintendo Switch or not?

To be honest, there have been a few alleged leaks as well in the past, which seems to suggest so. It is literally for you to decide, what to make of them. You can either take them as false rumors or leaks since they never got confirmed but then again, you can also weigh them right, since they never originally got debunked.

First of, if you guys remember, back in June of 2017 official Spanish Ubisoft Twitter account implied that Beyond Good And Evil 2 would hit Nintendo Switch console. Following a few hours, the post was deleted, which is a normal stunt to pull off, provided that if it was aimed at as a tease.

We never got to know, what that Tweet actually meant to do? Then the other one is a bit of a trip, if you ever want to squeeze information about a certain game, and you are blocked from all sides then, surveys are quite helpful.

Similar was a survey, conducted last year with an aim to find out what the fans want from Beyond Good And Evil 2? What came, to everyone’s surprise, was the question that asked the fans about the platforms they would like to see video games on, shockingly Nintendo Switch was listed as the first choice.

We all know that, before any project is taken under consideration, various surveys are conducted to see the demand, considering this survey, Beyond Good And Evil 2 should have at least been considered for Nintendo Switch.

Moving back to Janurary 2017, there was another rumor that claimed the same, only this time it said that the game, would be timed exclusive for Switch.

Will all that said, this same question seems to have been jumping on both sides of the rail track and since no official confirmation has been given and provided the fact that over the years, nothing has been said by Ubisoft regarding it, it certainly is not a safe bet to expect the game for Switch.

Overall we would recommend you to take this expectation very lightly, for it is hanging by a thin thread.