Your 1440p Monitor Might Be Using a 4K Screen, Is It A Good Thing?

Resolution of a display is an important matter, especially in gaming. However, a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that your 1440p Monitor that you have been using for gaming or other purposes might have a 4K screen, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The report has come from Prad, who revealed that some display manufacturers have been featuring 4K UHD screens into your 1440p QHD monitors to cut down the costs.

According to the report, while their 1440p monitor might be using a 4K screen but, there is no way they can unlock the UHD resolution. The report doesn’t mention which manufacturers have been installing 4K screens into 1440p monitors.

The report suggests that the reason why manufacturers use 4K screen in their 1440 monitors is that the 4K panel is either cheaper compared to the 2K panel or as expensive as the 2K panel.

Since a majority of the video game community prefers the jump from 1080p to 4K instead of 2K which makes sense why 4K panels would be cheap compared to 2K.

However, using a 4K screen in a 1440p monitor isn’t a good thing as the display has to down-sample or downscale the 1440p image since the 4k UHD panel is capable of higher resolution. This, in turn, will cause worse image quality compared to a monitor using a QUD panel.

Some gamers prefer to use 1440p monitors to balance the performance and image quality. Using a 4K panel in a 2K monitor results in a down-sampled image which ruins the image quality.

Also, given that there is no way for the users to unlock the 4K resolution on their 2K monitor using the 4K panel, it seems unethical practice on manufacturers part just so that they can reduce the cost of manufacturing the display.

Speaking of the 4K display, Nvidia K 144Hz HDR Displays have launched for a whopping $2000. While the manufacturers are asking for a premium price, they haven’t cut any corners in using premium components as Nvidia G-sync module alone is worth around $500.

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Source: Prad