Everything About Dragon Quest 11 Gameplay, Release Date, PC Changes

Dragon Quest is one of those games that has been very consistent for generations. We did not see any major changes in the game for past years. For Dragon Quest 11, the developers are trying to change the traditional gameplay to cater to the new generation of gamers especially the western audience. At times, it is hard to get into JRPGs because of how long they have been running.

JRPGs are usually targeted to Japanese core base that often causes problems when it comes to western releases because of localization and studios’ unwillingness to cater to the western audience. This will not be the case with Dragon Quest 11, as the game port will exclusively be made to cater to the problems faced by the western audience. There will some additional content that will be exclusive for the western release.

Dragon Quest 11 Gameplay

Dragon Quest 11 was announced for the western audience by Square Enix at E3 2018, giving us the release of Sept. 04, 2018 for PC and PS4.

Unfortunately, there will not be a western version on 3DS. It will release on Nintendo Switch though it remains without a release date. Square Enix has said that due to the amount of complication Nintendo Switch port, there will be a delayed release for it.

Dragon Quest 11 will feature a lot of changes in base game from graphics to story and other small details. The game will also have additional features and enhancements in form of menu overhaul, camera mode, changes to character customization, and character movements. The game will also be visually enhanced as compared to its Japanese version.

The game will also feature a massive story that will span over 100 hours of gameplay that will completely have English voice-overs. It will also have a Hard Mode for those enthusiastic gamers who want the game to be more challenging. You can expect changes in the storyline for this version, as they will try this game to be more open and will serve as an introduction for newer fans.

Difference between Versions

Dragon Quest, famously known in the U.S. as Dragon Warrior, takes place in the world of Lotozetasia. In Dragon Quest 11, you play as a 16-year old protagonist who is believed to be an incarnation of a legendary warrior. The world is full of monsters and creatures for you to slay and save the world while also encountering entertaining characters during the course of your journey.

The game will boast a compelling story with flashbacks from your childhood.

You can expect to have a lot of changes in the game graphically, as the game is made for handhelds that have a lot of hardware restrictions. However, this will change for PS4 as the platform is quite powerful compared to handhelds.

Discussing PC Port

Talking about the PC version, Kabuta revealed that Dragon Quest 11 will not be a straight PS4 port and will have more features and mods that will not be present on PS4 version. The game’s native 4K resolution has also been confirmed. Square Enix has been pretty good with its recent PC ports so you can expect a furnished product.

Dragon Quest 11 World

Gameplay Changes and New Features

One of the major features of Dragon Quest universe is its characters interaction with the world. It is a unique experience that is the reason the game has a dedicated fan base around the world. While this game will be made to cater the new fans, you can expect it to be as close to the core game as possible while having additional features and aesthetics.

There will be an abundance of character customization available in the game as compared to its Japanese version. The studio has said that they will revamp what can be revamped. It is quite interesting as they are open about things. While the game is simple to play, it still has a turn-based combat that can be strange in these times especially in an RPG setting. The directors have hinted on improving combat in this version of the game.

With the addition of features like ‘Dashing’ that can make the game easier, as it’s tedious to move around large towns and places in the world. The studio has also said that the game may feel less frustrating for new players but it will actually be harder in difficulty. It will be a new start for the series, as this game will serve as a base to next illustration of the series.

Nintendo Switch and 3DS

Square Enix has said the Nintendo Switch version is the pipeline but the studio is having technical issues with its port hence the delay. They also gave no indication when we can expect the game to hit on Switch. While the studio is open about its problems in porting the game on Nintendo Switch, there could be other factors at play here as well. Sadly, there will not be a 3DS version of this port, as announced which can be credited to an already delayed Switch release and the problems faced by developers.

Dragon Quest 11 Switch and 3DS

There are times when Nintendo themselves made the port of the game for 3DS due to the high demand but as such now, there is no announcement from them. This was a bit disheartening for 3DS fans as they had high expectations for the release. Nintendo is still committed to supporting 3DS as long as they can but they will have to convenience studios as well if we want to see games on 3DS.

This is all we so far know about Dragon Quest 11. What are you expecting out of the game, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!