If Everything Goes As Planned Dying Light 2 Will Be Optimized To Deliver 60FPS And 4K

After a wonderful success with Dying Light, it was time for Techland to get its second part into the world and that they have. Well, it’s in development but it definitely will be joining us soon enough. It pretty much came as a surprise, when Dying Light 2 got revealed at E3 2018. Fans are very much excited to take on those zombies with a whole new spectrum. On that note, Techland has shared that they have plans to optimize and deliver the game at 60FPS and 4K resolution on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

It is an understood fact that whenever a new sequel is in the order, it has to be better than the previous one in terms of quality. Like better visuals by using the best available technology. So leaving behind 60fps and 4k, would be a risky job for one of the most entertaining game.

In an interview, Techland Lead Designer Tymon Smektala shed some light on some of the intentions the studio has regarding, Dying Light 2. According to him, Techland has clear intentions to deliver the finest and the smoothest visual experience they can. He then added the fact, that studio is in a need to upgrade their technology, from the one used in the Dying Light in order to keep up with the market, as well.

Fortunately for us, they have upgraded to C-Engine from the previously used Chrome Engine, which they believe will work wonders for them. Smektala said:

We should be able to do it quite easily because we have new tech for Dying Light 2. Previous iterations of the game were made using our Chrome Engine, but we realized at the brink of 4K gaming we needed new technology to provide gamers with high fidelity visuals, so we created a new engine, called C-Engine, and it’s ready for whatever happens in gaming.

Since the game has a lot of emphasis set, on the movement of the character, considering the parkour in the game, it puts a lot of pressure to deliver smooth mechanics at high quality.

Smektala said that the first priority of the studio is to deliver 60fps straight up and then focus on the optimization for 4K. However, he also said that the development team has extra time which they aim to utilize, in order to deliver both optimizations for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Having said that, are you ready to take on those ruthless zombies? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Wccftech