Dad Urges Parents to Take Their Kid’s Nintendo Switch Offline After Porno Images Appear in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a game played by millions from minors across the globe. And while Nintendo portrays itself to be a family-friendly game publisher, its lack of moderation is allowing unfriendly activities on Nintendo Switch. Games that are meant for children are now showing pornographic images.

There is some form of workaround for Nintendo’s Avatar system that allows users to upload custom images for profiles. And over the weekend, a parent discovered how people are uploading pornographic images. The father of a young Nintendo Switch user posted on Reddit after discovering the issue and urged parents to their child’s Nintendo Switch offline until Nintendo offers parental control.

it seems hackers have found a way to insert indecent content into our children’s games.

It seems to be an issue with users’ profile pictures.
The picture was changed several times over the course of my time patrolling, each picture being pornographic content.
There are multiple of these balloons all being made by the same user.
This is obviously intentional, and made to upset children.

These are some of the images I’ve seen, and your child could find when playing, but censored so they aren’t as obscene. (pictureother picture)

We only have seen this happen on Mario Odyssey, but who knows how many other games could be affected.

While we wait for Nintendo to offer better parental controls, I am taking my child’s switch offline and I encourage others to do so with me.

The issue isn’t widespread but if one game is affected, there are many others played by millions that can be exploited. Unless Nintendo takes notice immediately.