FIFA 19 Features, Gameplay Changes, UEFA Champions League, Cover Star, Release (Updated)

In the football frenzy that fans are now during the World Cup 2018, there is another exciting thing in store for them. FIFA 19 marks the return of the yearly sports title and this time around will showcase a bunch of new and exciting features that you can read about below.

FIFA 19 Features

Being a yearly title, it could be tiring for the series to bring something new and innovative to the table that is refreshing and at the same time, a win for the fans. Of all the annual titles like Call of Duty series and Assassin’s Creed, FIFA always has a job of bringing something fresh to distinguish itself from the previous entries.

Thankfully, straight from EA Play 2018, we have a bunch of information regarding the new features and game modes that will make their way into the football game fans have been waiting for.

The Champions

Champions League is more than just a league in real life football; it is more of an event and an experience. For years now, FIFA lacked some sort of authenticity in its football experience by neglecting the UEFA Champions League in the game. This year, that will change as we saw from the trailer at E3 2018.

The game will now include a Career mode, a Tournament mode and an updated story mode in the Champions League section. Along with the Ultimate Team will include UEFA content as well which will allow the players to play with the most prestigious teams themselves.

Moreover, we have some more information from the game’s Creative Director, Matt Prior, thanks to an interview right after the conference. In it, he mentions how they have always wanted to bring back this prestigious league back to the video game and how fans have been asking for it for such a long time.

This could only be made possible after Konami dropped their rights held with the European Leagues. Prior to that, FIFA had created their own version of the tournaments but without any official trophies or stadiums. The FIFA 19 will also include Series A and Copa Italia from the Italian Leagues giving the players full access to the world’s most popular leagues and tournaments.

Players will now be able to play solo through a Champions League Mode in the game where they can choose any team and take part in the competition. Alternatively, players can choose to play the Career Mode where they will be able to qualify for the Champions League and start their journey of chasing that silverware.

Via the UEFA license, you can expect all the respective leagues: Champions League, UEFA Euro Cup, and the Super Cup. Furthermore, the cinematic Journey Mode will see Alex Hunter end his story arch by competing in this most important league at club football level.

This character was first introduced in the series in the year 2016 in FIFA 17 where we saw Hunter try to make a breakthrough in his club in the Premier League. Now in FIFA 19, we will witness Hunter compete in the most prestigious leagues of the world. He will struggle to make a place in the Champions League. However, this will be the installment on the story of Alex Hunter in the series.

Lastly, FIFA 19 will overlap the events of in-game with that of the outside world through online aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team. Each UEFA Champions League match will have an effect and impact on what you can do in the game.

Cover Star

Just like the last time, Cristiano Ronaldo has been selected as the cover star for FIFA 19. He is expected to be seen on the game’s cover in his glorious Real Madrid kit. However, this announcement was made prior to his transfer news to Juventus and therefore the developers might have to change that image when the game is released.

Alongside Cristiano, Neymar Jr. will also be awning the FIFA 19 cover in his Paris-Saint Germain kit. However, this side of the cover is also shrouded in a bit of mystery as Neymar may end up in Real Madrid by the start of the next season as a replacement for Ronaldo.

The Tech on the Pitch

At its core, it is always about the gameplay itself that sets FIFA apart from its counterparts. This year, the director explained they have revamped the technical system that goes in to enhance the dribbling, touching, trapping, and striking the ball. The physics of these mechanics have been improved and the animations have been reworked to provide more authenticity, fluidity, and responsiveness.

Players will now be able to pretend to trap the ball to play mind games with the opponents. The new Flick System has also been introduced that allows the player to use the right stick to drive home some wicked volleys or just to achieve more control of the ball.

A certain depth has granted to the Tactics System that now you can customize to your liking and playstyle. Looking to have quick wingers go forward while the midfielders stay back, be the guest!

A new feature allows you to shoot the ball more accurately and with more power. This will be possible if you time your second press of the shoot button as soon as the striker’s animation to strike the ball starts. However, if the timing is incorrect, the shot may fly over the net so you need to assess the situation carefully and respond accordingly.

Lastly, 50/50 battles for the ball during the match have been significantly improved. There will now be collisions that are more realistic and everything from the football player’s body mass to his angle will be judged when such a 50/50 situation arises.

Not all of these features will be there just for the one playing but you can expect something similar from the AI as well. Every team’s trademark style of play will be in the game so for e.g. playing against Manchester City will feel like you are being pressed and pressured more than say, West Ham.


The game is set to be released on 28th of September. The game will be released in three variant editions each featuring a part of the new updates that are distributed notoriously in accordance with the price of each package.

The Standard Edition will cost the very much usual US$ 59.99 which is expected to house only the updated gameplay features and no more.

The Champions Edition will cost a bit more than usual US$ 79.99 and will feature the new Champions League updates that have been long awaited by the player. While the Ultimate Edition will cost a hefty US$ 99.99.

Stay tuned for more as we near the launch of FIFA 19 on September 19, 2018, on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.