Realm Royale Warrior Guide – Legendary Weapons, Best Abilities, How To Build (Tips And Tricks)

Learn how to play as the Warrior class in this new take on the Battle Royale genre by Hi-Rez Studios. Our Realm Royale Warrior Guide will help you get acquainted with sufficient knowledge of the Warrior’s gameplay mechanics and how you can utilize them fully to reach the desired goals.

Realm Royale Warrior

The Warrior class is closer to your assault category where the character will engage in close quarter combat and deal massive damage. Apart from damage output, the class also boasts good defense in the form of durability, armor, and regenerating health through a passive effect.

This passive effect will help the player to gain 5 points of health every second. The many abilities of the Warrior including both enhanced movement skills and defensive tactics. For guarding, the Warrior can act as a tank healing himself and his teammates. In addition, he can use his shield to absorb attacks.

Warriors Abilities

Elaborating more on the info we discussed above, these abilities help the Warrior class to deal damage, move quicker and set up improved defenses. These abilities can be upgraded which can reduce their cooldown times and increase their output potential. This is done by using Shards.

Heroic Leap
This is like a huge boost in the movement that lets your character cover a huge distance in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Can be used both offensively or defensively, the ability will let you get out of harm’s way or get closer to the heat of the battle. The cooldown time will vary from 16s to 10s upon rank while the damage will range from 375 to 600 HP.

Sends out your hero in a straight line in the quick dash while dealing 400 damage to any enemies in the path. The cooldown time will vary from 11 to 5 seconds depending on how much you rank up and upgrade the ability. This move can be used with other abilities like the Flask of Healing and Shielding Potion given below.

Flask of Healing
This can be used to heal both yourself and the allies around you regenerating 10-19 points of health. These have an area of effect, so throwing one closer to you will only heal you while throwing the flask towards your allies will heal them unless you move closer to them. The ability has a cooldown time of 10-16 seconds.

Shielding Potion
Works in the same as Flask of Healing, but instead puts a shield around you and your allies. The shield, depending on the rarity or upgrade, can absorb damage ranging from 350 to 500 HP. The cooldown time varies from 19 to 10 seconds per rank.

Net Shot
Will slow enemies and also deal a little damage (200 HP). This can be very useful when you are chasing an enemy who is fleeing away. Using the net shot, along with the charge or heroic leap ability will ensure your reach your enemy in time and deal damage with your weapons. The ability has a cooldown time of 4-10 seconds and can slow down a foe by 20-80 %.


The primary and the most powerful weapon for this class remains the Throwing Axe. To acquire this weapon, you would first need to head to one of the Forges in the map and craft the weapon there. This Legendary Weapon not only has no restriction on ammo, it can also be launched without any time delay or reload. All you need to do is to practice landing these projectiles.

You should practice from long to medium to close range because if you’re able to land a hit, you’ll deal a massive amount of damage of about 900 HP. Try to get a firm hand on this weapon of yours.

The secondary weapon could be any of your choices, but the best duo with the Throwing Axe would be the Heirloom Rifle. This firearm can deal decent damage to both close/ranged enemies and can be combo-ed off the Throwing Axe hits. The weapon will deal up to 385 damage and will reload every 1.8 seconds.

This is all we have in our Realm Royale Warrior Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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