Realm Royale Healing Guide – How To Heal, Potions, Special Skills (Tips)

In this Realm Royale Healing Guide, we will guide you on how you can heal your health and repair your armor in Realm Royale. Healing is one of the most important elements in any battle royale game so it is vital that you must understand how to heal yourself in Realm Royale and fix your broken armor.

Our Realm Royale Healing Guide will ensure that you know everything when it comes to healing your character’s health and repairing their armor. Realm Royale is the newest game to join the battle royale genre and it brings its own unique elements to the table to stand out from the crowd.

Realm Royale Healing

We have listed all methods by which you can heal your characters in Realm Royale whether they are by using potions or special skills. We have detailed all information below so that you can use whatever means to heal yourself in the heat of battle.


Similar to most games, you can gain health and armor by drinking potions in the game. There are two potions in the game. One is a Health Potion while the other one is an Armor Potion. The Health Potion is green in color and heals 400 of your health.

You can collect the Health Potion from chests scattered around the map or from fallen players. You can loot them just as you loot other gear from fallen players. They could be your teammates or enemies. By default, H key is used for using the Health Potion.

The Armor Potion is yellow in color and gives you 400 armor. It acts like additional hit points and will deplete first when you take damage. These can be looted from chests and fallen players as well. By default, you can use the G key for using Armor Potions.

You cannot use Armor Potions if you do not have damaged armor. So for starters, you must first have armor equipped and that too must be damaged before you can actually use these potions. The Armor Potion can only fill the armor back to its maximum allowed limit. It will not exceed the maximum limit.

Special Skills

Unique to Realm Royale, some character classes come with special healing abilities that allow you to heal yourself and your teammates when they are hurt.

If you do not have a potion in your inventory then you can use one of these special abilities to quickly heal yourself and your friends in the battle. We have detailed these abilities along with their classes below:

Warrior Class

Ability: Flask of Healing
The warriors can throw down a flask, which heals the player and his teammates around them. This works in a specific radius so other players must be inside this radius if they want to be healed.

Engineer Class

Ability: Healing Totem
Engineers can deploy a totem on the battlefield that can heal all nearby allies.

Mage Class

Ability: Ice Block
While this ability is active, the player becomes immune to all damage for 3 seconds and also gets healed for this time duration.

We will add more abilities in the future as we are still playing the game and discovering more things in it.

This concludes our Realm Royale Healing Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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