Realm Royale Forge Guide – How To Use The Forge, Farming Shards (Crafting Tips)

Realm Royale takes a brand new spin on the Battle Royale genre by adding in class-based warfare into the mix. One of the new changes to the game is the Forge that can be used to craft a lot of different items for your use including potions, armor, and weapons. To help you with that, we have this Realm Royale Forge Guide.

Our Realm Royale Forge Guide will tell you all about how to craft the various different items that you will need to be successful in Realm Royale using the Forge.

What is Realm Royale Forge?

Like in all of the other games of the genre, you can loot chests to get your hands on weapons and other combat items. However, you also have the option to use the Forge to craft items for yourself. The Forge can exist at one of the multiple locations and you need to get to it in order to access it.

To craft items, you need Shards. Think of Shards as a temporary in-game currency that you can get by through various means. You can carry a maximum of 200 Shards with you at a particular time and the main way to get them is to disenchant the loot that you do not want. Look at the item that is useless to you and click the disenchant button to get Shards in place of the item.

How to Use The Forge

When you have a set amount of Shards, you can start moving to one of the Forge locations in order to craft whatever it is that you need. You can see all of the weapons and other legendary items available in the menu along with their cost and the time required.

Usually, Potions cost 30 Shards and 30 seconds whereas Armor costs 60 Shards and 60 seconds. The ability costs 90 Shards along with 60 seconds and the Weapon costs 120 Shards and a drumstick along with a 60 second wait period.

Remember that the Legendary Armor that you will get will not be of your own choice. It will be random. If it does happen that you cannot use an item, then it is best to check with your squad if you have one to see if one of them might actually be able to use the aforementioned item.

Only 1 Legendary Weapon can be equipped at any particular time. It is also important to remember that you can only craft 1 piece of armor at each location. When you are crafting the items, smoke will billow at the top of the building that can be used by other players to know your location and vice versa.

Remember that all Forge locations will be hotly contested since multiple people will want to use them. Stay on your toes whenever you are near one of these areas.

Also, remember to not leave any item behind as you can disenchant it into Shards at the very least. Do not waste the loot that you have been handed as it could mean that you get a Legendary Weapon faster than you would otherwise.

That is all we have for our Realm Royale Forge Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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