Realm Royale Engineer Guide – Legendary Weapons, Best Abilities, How To Build (Tips And Tricks)

In this fantasy-take on the royale genre, we guide you on how to best utilize Realm Royale Engineer. You can find details including class-specific abilities and weapons that you can use to achieve victory royale in the game.

Realm Royale Engineer

As the name suggests, this class is more skill oriented and technical than the other ones. Not only will you need to place turrets for damage, you will need to look for any downed teammates or ones low on health so you can heal them. The class works best if it’s further away from the heat of the battle and is more suited to a slower pace of combat.

The passive ability of this class will help you gain 5 points of Armor each second. This lets you increase your defenses automatically allowing you to utilize your Shards on abilities of another nature. The engineers’ weapons work best from vantage points and in building full of barricades, as you will read below.

Engineer Abilities

The abilities below serve various functions that involve dealing damage, healing allies and giving some cool movement skills to the engineer class.

This is a decent mobility skill which will help you jump high up which makes it difficult for the enemy to aim and shoot you from a height. In addition, you can pair this ability with an ability like the Firebomb or even you are Legendary Weapon, Plasma Launcher, to deal massive damage all the while moving around like you only get to live once.

It has a short cooldown time of 5-8 seconds depending upon the rank upgrade. Always thrust to tall buildings, barricaded areas for maximum effectiveness.

The ability will allow you to throw a bomb to cover a small area with a fire that continues to deal damage to any enemies in that radius. This will be ideal in a closed environment, say something like a building with many barricades to block the path of the enemy and to prevent them from escaping.

It has a cooldown time of 10-16 seconds and will take out 3-6% of HP per tick. That is, it deals fire damage over time and the damage will stack up as the enemy spends more time in the ablaze region. Note that the bomb can also bounce off the walls so use that to your advantage by throwing it at different angles.

Healing Totem
Will heal you and your friends for a duration of 4-10 seconds as you rank it up. This will ensure your allies can always be ready to take on the battle heads on without caring about their HP. The cooldown time is 25-40 seconds.

The ability is much more useful in the Solo mode, and the Engineer can place the Turret in blind spots or in places such that to cover all the possible directions from which the foe may enter. Again, the ability works best indoors and you can also use to provide cover fire while you escape the area. It deals damage over a time of 25-40 seconds and has a cooldown time of 8-20 seconds.

Barricade/Shield Wall
You will be using this ability quite often as the Engineer class to absorb hits that make way to your or your teammates. It is indestructible and will only go down once the duration for it is over which is 4-10 seconds. You can also shoot enemies through the shield but they cannot shoot you. How cool is that?


The Legendary Weapon for the Engineer that can be crafted at a Forge is the Plasma Launcher. It deals splash damage of 800 HP that means that it can hit multiple targets at once. However, it kind of sucks at a range, so only utilize it for mid to close ranged encounters. You can pair this weapon with the Thrust ability to rain hell from above on the enemies.

Since you need to prepare for long ranged encounters too because of the shortcomings of the Plasma Launcher in that aspect, the ideal secondary weapon should be the Heirloom Rifle that can deal around 385 damage on highest rarity.

This is all we have in our Realm Royale Engineer Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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