Realm Royale Classes Guide – Hunter, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Engineer, Best Classes (Tips And Tricks)

In this Realm Royale Classes Guide, we will be discussing all the classes in Realm Royale. Realm Royale has introduced character classes in a battle royale game and each class comes with their own unique weapons and special abilities. We will be discussing these abilities and weapons of all the classes in the game so that you can easily pick your favorite class in the game.

Realm Royale is the newest game to join the battle royale genre and it has its own unique take on the popular genre. It has mixed RPG elements with the classic first-person shooter to create a unique experience. It also has a multitude of classes each with their unique perks so that each player can pick their favorite class and play the game their own way.

Realm Royale Classes

Here we have gathered all the information relating to the classes and combined them in one article so that you can easily find details about your favorite class and become proficient with them.

In addition, since the game is in alpha right now, many changes will be made to the classes, characters and how their abilities act like. Our guide is updated as of now and we will try our best to keep it updated whenever an update comes.

There are five classes in Realm Royale Hunter, Warrior, Mage, Assassin, and Engineer. Each class has their own role in the battle and it all depends on your skill how well you play with each class. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses. We will be detailing all such information below.


Hunter is one of the easiest of all classes and it features one of the best Legendary Weapons in the game. It comes with Longbow, which is exceptionally powerful and can take out enemies in a single hit if you manage to land it right. It also features very good range so you can kill enemies both at a distance and at close range.

This makes it a very deadly weapon but since it is very powerful, chances are that it might be nerfed in future. Longbow works exceptionally well with Hunter’s Blast Shot ability and it allows you to deal massive damage when combined in the form of a combo. Hunter’s Withdraw ability allows you to enter stealth and line up your next Longbow shot, which makes this class very deadly and precise.

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Warrior is yet another class that is very easy to play. Apart from easy abilities, Warrior class also packs one of the most powerful Legendary Weapon, The Throwing Axe. The best part about this weapon is that you do not have to reload it. There is no delay between each throw. Each hit will deal 800 damage to the enemy so three hits will easily turn an opponent in a chicken.

The Throwing Axe combines very well with Warrior’s other abilities such as Heroic Leap and Charge. If an enemy starts to run away from you, you can quickly shorten the gap between them and you by using these two movement abilities and then unleash your Throwing Axe on them for a quick finish.

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The Assassin class is all about quick movement and sniping your enemies. It comes with an exceptionally powerful Legendary Weapon that can allow you to one shot your enemies if you manage to land the attack on their head. Each headshot will deal 2,400 damage, which is equivalent to complete armor and health.

This is a very powerful attack and if you are good with your aim, you can even take out enemies at close range without using the scope. The best strategy at close range to aim at the enemy, fire and then quickly switching to your secondary weapon just in case you miss the first shot. There are plenty of abilities as well that will compliment these weapons.

For starters, the Concussion Bomb allows you to damage and knock back enemies in the air. This allows you to land a sniper shot at them while they are unable to move around. This is one of the easiest kills in the game. Another ability Blink allows you to quickly move to the desired location. This is great for gaining distance quickly to land a sniper shot.

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The Engineer class is not recommended for new players, as it requires patience and late game to be good. The turret lacks punch in its burst form and has weak splash damage so you need to be very careful with each shit. Firing blindly will not get you anywhere. You need to make sure that each fire lands on the enemy to make it worthwhile.

Coming to movement abilities, you must be very specific with the Engineer’s move abilities. You can launch yourself in the air in a straight line that can be helpful in reaching difficult to reach spots but can make you an easy target for a good-shot Assassin who can snipe you in this time. You are exceptionally vulnerable during most of Engineer’s move abilities.

We are hoping that Engineer class is going to get some serious updates in the future since it is relatively weaker when compared to other classes at this moment.

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Mage’s Fireball is also a very strong move. It can deal massive damage to your opponents who continue to suffer burn damage for some time. However, what really makes Mage weak at this point is its Legendary Weapon, which is exceptionally weak, and you can only use it for close-ranged combat.

While most of the players will be picking you off from a distance, getting up close and personal can be a little tedious most of the times. We recommend that you stick to Mage’s other abilities such as Fireball and use conventional weapons for dealing damage.

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This concludes our Realm Royale Classes Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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