Realm Royale Best Locations Guide – Where To Land, Forge Locations, High Loot Areas

In this Realm Royale Best Locations Guide, we will guide you on the best locations to land in Realm Royale. Realm Royale features a single map divided into different biomes, which give you a taste of different maps on a single map. We have detailed the best possible locations on the map where you can land and find the best possible gear quickly to get in the game.

As with all battle royale titles, each area of the map will cater to a player of different need. Since Realm Royale has different biomes so, each area is going to be even more unique than the other ones so it is vital that you have a sound knowledge about each area before you land there and our Realm Royale Best Locations Guide aims in doing just that.

Realm Royale Best Locations

There five main areas of the map Badlands, Everfrost, Greenscape, Tropics, and Sanctuary. Each of these main areas represents a biome. There are some notable places in each of these main areas, which serve as your landing points. The landmarks are small towns, places of interest or large cities inside these biomes.

You can find better items if you land in these landmarks but you can also find some decent loot in between these places if you know where to look. Badlands is a desert and is full of dunes and cacti. It has Gun Town, Goblin Gulch, and Outpost as main landmarks. Everfrost is covered in snow and has a lot of small cities in it.

Major areas in Everfrost are Northport, Crossing, Underpass, Valley, Coldmist Village and Icehaven. Tropics look like a jungle and has a swamp as well. Notable areas here include Jaguar’s Claws, Forbidden Swamp, and Lost Forge.

Greenscape has many cities and Forges where you can craft your items. It is located in the middle of the map and has the most players landing here. Its major areas include Lumberfall, Fungal Forest, Jade Gardens and Autumn Fields.

The last area in Realm Royale is the Sanctuary. It might look smaller as compared to other areas but it has a huge walled castle, which offers combat opportunities like no other place. Trinity Halls another area in this biome is also one of the busiest areas of the whole map.

Below you will find a detailed guide on the best possible landing locations around the map of Realm Royale. We will detail the best areas to land from each biome.


The best area to land in Tropics in the southwest of Lost Forge. If you look at the map grid C6, there are some buildings located there. This particular area sees very few players passing through here. They are mostly abandoned and you can find decent loot here. This is a great starting area as you can stock up on gear and weapons here and then move to Autumn Fields or another side of Lost Forge.


There are many great areas to land in Greenscape. The first one is the southeast edge of Lumberfall, which is near the middle of the map and top of the map grid D5. You can find a chest in the middle of the wood walkway nearly every time to guarantee a weapon right at the start of the game.

Buildings on either end of the walkway have chests as well. The only problem with this area is that a lot of players tend to land here which makes it a high traffic area. The player who gets to the chests first will have the upper hand here.

Another great area to land in Greenscape is Jade Gardens. This area is similar to the previous area as many players tend to land here so the players who land first and grab the many chests here will be better off. To counter this, you can land on the side of the Forge, grab the chest and then wait for others to kill each other.

If you want to remain in between two biomes to quickly move along with the fog, the underpass is a great place to land. You can land either on it or to the west of it. Landing on the right side of the mountain will ensure a chest. You can run inside a nearby cave to find a Forge quickly after opening the chest.

A better option is to land on the left side of the mountain where a couple of buildings are also located. You can loot these buildings first and then head to Underpass as many players will land directly in the Underpass. You can go there fully equipped and wipe out the remaining enemies.


The best place to land in Everfrost is at the southern edge of the frozen lake in Icehaven. It is located near the Forge and you will get a chest here every time you land. You should stay clear of other players, as this area is also a high traffic area. Hide until players are done killing each other and then move in for the final kills once the dust settles.


If you want to land in Badlands, the best area to do so is the outskirts of Gun Town. There are plenty of chests in this area but you will be at the edge of the map so you must watch out for fog. Otherwise, buildings here will have multiple chests and you can stock up well before encountering other players.

This is all for our favorite landing spots in Realm Royale. Did we miss your favorite landing spot in the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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