Realm Royale Beginners Guide – Finding Loot, Crafting, Forge, Class Tips

For fans of the Battle Royale genre who cannot get enough of it, good news, there is the newly released Realm Royale. To help you get acquainted with everything there is to the game, we have put together some useful tips and tricks. Take on any five of the classes and achieve the victory royale with our Realm Royale Beginners Guide.

Realm Royale Beginners Guide

In this latest twist on the popular Battle Royale formula, you get to play as not a single one but 5 different classes for your character. Each class has its own perks and specific skills. These skills or the class itself cannot be swapped in the middle of a session.

Unlike Fortnite and PUBG, you do not parachute your way to the battlefield. Instead, you just drop off instantly at the spot you decided to launch out of the blimp. In addition, you do not run out of ammo for your firearms and they are not even your focus.

The game revolves around how you use your abilities. Each character comes with a Passive Ability that is equipped with for the entire time, while an ability is granted for the start of the round. Lastly, abilities for that character can be swapped via chests. On your in-game user interface, you can make out a few things:

  • There is a chicken count that could reach a maximum of three on. This means, whenever you are put down by a foe, you turn into a chicken for 30 seconds if no other hit lands you. After this half a minute, you get resurrected but not after the third time.
  • Chicken trophies and Shards can be collected as dropped loots from enemies, around the map, and in chests. These can be used to upgrade Armor, weapons, and abilities to higher ranks and rarities. Moreover, you can also use Forges, special locations on a map, to construct health and shield potions.
  • You can then observe the blue HP bar and the gold armor bar both of which max out at 1200.
  • Next to these two bars is the count of your potions. Above them, you can also view the armor you’re wearing and the rarity they denote through their color, white being the most common and gold being legendary.

Loot and Crafting

On the battlefield, you will come across wooden boxes that you can open to acquiring health and Armor Potions. Via normal chests, you can grab tonnes of weapons, abilities and armor attachments. However, the Legendary Weapon for your class can only be acquired via golden chests or through Forges.

These Forge locations are scattered around the map and allow you to craft your Legendary Weapons via Shards and Chicken Trophies. You can also craft armor and abilities here. Since this spot has so much potential, it is safe to assume there will always be threat looming so always proceed with caution.

Regarding items that you do not need anymore, you can disenchant them to grab Shards for use in Forges.

All Legendary Weapons will require 1 Chicken Trophy and 120 Shards in order to craft that weapon. Additionally, since it takes around one whole minute for them to be cooked, you will need to stick around for a little bit. Make sure you are taking cover and are always alert if an enemy approaches.


Below find a brief description of each of the 5 classes in the game. Each has a different playstyle and Legendary Weapon that will suit how you would want to play.

This class focuses more on stealth encounters and boosts abilities like vanishing, remaining shrouded or shrouding others around him and move as swiftly as possible. His Legendary Weapon is a Sniper Rifle that deals the most damage out of any other weapon ranging at 1100 HP. The Assassin has 10% more Groundspeed thanks to his Passive Ability.

Can be argued to be the class that uses the most skill, the Engineer makes use of his turrets and firebombs to deal damage which work best in an indoor environment. His Legendary Weapon, the Plasma Launcher can deal damage to a wide area because of its splash nature. He can also utilize abilities to heal and shield himself and his teammates. His Passive Ability allows him to gain 5 armor every second.

Makes use of traps and his increased mobility to be a menacing threat. Moreover, his Flare ability allows him to track hidden enemies. He can use the Longbow from way out to deal 900 damage to the enemy.

This longbow requires less than 2 seconds of drawing and will follow a projectile path. The Passive Ability of the hunter allows him to gain 10% swap and reload speed.

In place of firearms, the Mage will deal devastating damage via his spells and abilities. The Mage can deal fire damage, slow down enemies and carry out many defense measures like erecting a wall for cover or an Ice Block that is impenetrable to any hits.

His Passive Ability increases the effectiveness of the output of all potions by 30%. His Stone spear will send out multiple projectiles that deal about 900 damage to enemies in close or mid-range.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • To travel quicker around, use mount by pressing Z to get on a horse.
  • You start with a dagger but this is not really helpful. Always try to start your game by picking a weapon in the earliest possible if you hope to achieve victory royale.
  • Locking on your favorite class will lead to tips being shown regarding that class in the loading menu.
  • For close-ranged combat, it’s useful to utilize crossbows, pistols, shotguns, and revolvers because all of these have a slower fire rate and will falter from a shot from a range. For mid-ranged combat (and long range often), it is best to go with either the Slug rifle or the Heirloom rifle with the latter being more valuable. Lastly, for long ranged combat, you need the Legendary Weapons for each class that we have mentioned above.

This is all we have in our Realm Royale Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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