Realm Royale Abilities Guide – Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Assassin, Engineer, Ability Tips (Best Abilities)

Class-based warfare was popularized by Team Fortress 2 and it has made a return with Realm Royale. The game is essentially a Battle Royale mode for Paladins, and there are a lot of abilities that can be used to make a difference with each of the classes, which is why this Realm Royale Abilities Guide is essential.

Our Realm Royale Abilities Guide will tell you which abilities are the most effective for each of the classes so that you are prepared for battle regardless of which class you prefer playing.

Realm Royale Abilities

Each of the classes in the game can use many different abilities. There is the passive ability that can be utilized at any time and then there are other abilities. However, you cannot use all of them at the same time so you have to decide which one of them suits your style of play best.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the abilities that are a level above the rest and why you should be using them as much as possible. Let us take a look at each of the classes one by one and determine their best abilities.


Soar is of course very useful as it allows you to escape enemies or get to places to ambush them. However, the abilities that you can actually choose are Fireball and Explosive Flask. This is a very aggressive combo and can be used to slow down an enemy and then rain hell on them. Definitely good for players who are constantly looking for fights.


Using Charge along with Net Shot is perfect for closing down the gap to a wounded enemy who is trying to make a quick getaway. However, you can also go the healing route with the Shielding Potion and the Flash of healing to have utility for your squad.


The Hunter class is very fun to play because you can have the Blast Shot that does a lot of damage to multiple enemies since it is an explosive projectile. To add to that, you can also have the Proximity Mine or the flare depending on whether you want to be aggressive or defensive.

The flare will be good for smoking out enemies behind walls whereas the Proximity Mine can defend you while you camp.


The Concussion Bomb can be incredibly useful especially in squad battles as it can give you a chance to regress and heal up before you dive back into the fight. However, you can also go the aggressive route by using the Sensor Drone and Ghost Walk to quickly get up close and personal with all of your enemies. After that, it is as simple as slitting their throats!


The Barricade is probably one of the most useful abilities for a defensive player. You can use that time to plan ahead and make your move. Apart from that, the Fire Bomb is very similar to a Molotov cocktail and will be able to do sustained damage to the enemy provided you are able to box them into a small area.

That is all we have for our Realm Royale Abilities Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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