Latest Windows 10 Update KB4135058 Is Here To Ease The Upgrade Experience To Version 1709

Microsoft promised that it will be rolling out more updates and it has kept its promise as Microsoft has rolled out the latest Windows 10 Update KB4135058 that improves the upgrade experience for those OS users who are still running the Fall Creators update.

The Windows 10 Update KB4135058 is now available to download through windows update and while the purpose of the update isn’t clearly defined but Microsoft did note that the update “makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10 version 1709′.

However, the odd thing is that while the description noted that it is aimed to fix the upgrade experience for those who are running Fall Creators update but, Microsoft has noted that the update is applied to version 1709 which contradicts the description.

However, this could be an error on Microsoft’s part and the update is here to ease the transition from Fall Creators update to April 2018 update.

The Windows 10 April 2018 update has caused a lot of problems as many users reported that they are facing an infinite boot loop issue.

However, the boot loop issue was limited to those who were using the Toshiba SSDs and despite a fix, many are still reporting that the issue persists. If you are experiencing the boot loop issue with Windows 10 then check out our fix.

While Microsoft seems to be focused on fixing the bugs and issues in its OS but, it won’t be fixing the USB bug causing blue screen of death.

According to security researcher Marius Tivadar, he noted that issue to Microsoft back in July 2017 and the reason why Microsoft won’t be patching it out is that it requires “either physical access or social engineering” and it can’t receive a CVE and or get a patch.

Are you experiencing any bugs and issue following Windows 10 April update? Let us know in the comments.