Just Cause 4 Narrative Focus is Based on Player Feedback

Just Cause 4 was announced by Avalanche studios at E3 2018 and it was shown that it’s not just like others in the series. Just Cause 4 is more fun, beautiful, comes with more customizations and above all a more detailed story.

If you have played Just Cause before or Just Cause 3 to be exact, it achieved mix reviews from everyone. People mostly like Just Cause because of the open-ended gameplay which means you can approach the game the way you want while doing other side stuff in the game. Destruction mechanics are crazy as you can kill in so many different and funny ways.

The bad and most disliked part of the game is its narrative of the story which has not been appreciated by critics but is going to change in Just Cause 4 as the developers have said.

Avalanche executive producer, Adam Davidson talked about Just Cause 4 and how the customer feedback is changing the narrative of the game.

While talking to Gamasutra, he revealed that the team at Avalanche has been taking notice of the reviews of the fans and as well as impressions which have helped the team to make the game better which involves the change of narrative design to improve the game. Just Cause team now has a proper narrative director, Omar Shakir.

Davidson said

That was one of the things that when we saw that feedback, [we said] ‘we were off the mark, we need to take that next step forward.

He revealed that the narrative change is due to the result of the customer feedback who wanted more from the game other than the enjoyable moments and gameplay mechanics. The story is now broad and more detailed.

Rejoice, those who were worried about the narrative of the game as Just Cause 4 will provide a serious story.

As before in the series, Just Cause 4 is based on the sandbox gameplay but this time it includes tornadoes.