PUBG Is Offering Compensation For False Bans, Get 20,000 BP In Your Accounts Now

PUBG has been here for a long time but for more than once in this year, PUBG has banned players to prevent hackers and cheater but unintentionally this resulted in innocent players getting banned.

In January, PUBG Corp banned more than one million people but we have a good news for those who were part of another unfair ban at the start of June this month.

PUBG Corp took it to their official site to admit their mistakes by saying that they banned some players improperly but have revealed that the ban will be removed and compensation will be provided to the victims of it.

Bans will be removed shortly and if you are among those affected by it, you’ll receive 20,000 BP in your accounts. That’s a lot of in-game currency for you to try out many different things in the game.

Official page reads:

As you know, one of our highest priorities is working towards eliminating hackers and cheaters from PUBG. We’ve made great strides in this area recently, but unfortunately, sometimes we get it wrong, which was the case recently when a number of players were improperly banned and were unable to access the game for a period of time

This in-game currency will be only provided to those who meet the criteria below as mentioned on the site:

  • Logged into the version between June 16, 11am – 1:30pm PDT / June 16, 8pm – 10:30pm CEST / June 17, 3am – 5:30am KST
  • Were wrongfully banned due to internal ban detection logic

That’s some good news, so start playing today with some in-game currency in your game account.

Other than that, new PUBG mobile update is now also available which brings the first person mode to the mobile version for the first time and a new Arcade mode which will provide you with intense and faster gameplay.

Were you affected by the PUBG ban? Let us know in the comments below.