Nintendo Switch Playdead Games Now Being Ported, Get Inside And Limbo on June 28

We’ll be getting a double pack of Nintendo Switch Playdead games later this month, allowing players to play the studio’s two subtly horrific yet thought-provoking games, Inside and Limbo. Both games are rather minimalistic, but each one won critical acclaim when they released, and soon they’ll be on the Switch.

Both games, despite a similar setup of a young boy running through ominous and very dangerous environments, are rather different in their execution. Limbo is a black and white-colored puzzle platformer where a young boy must work his way through an ominous forest to, apparently, find either his sister or a female friend.

Inside is a more colorful but no less ominous game of a young boy attempting to sneak inside a facility in pursuit of the adults that have been herded inside through the use of mind controlling worms. The twist there is decidedly weirder and even compared to Limbo the game is somewhat darker, but if you haven’t played the game and have remained unspoiled then you might not want to hear it.

Either way, the Nintendo Switch Playdead games are both short but sweet, the perfect sort of game that could keep you occupied on a long trip if you use the Switch in its portable mode. And even if you’re not playing on the go, you can still kill a few hours with each game as you try and thread your way through its puzzles…and trying to make sense of their plots.

The Nintendo Switch Playdead games will be coming to the console on June 28, but if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch or haven’t played them yet, you can find them now on the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One for $26.99 and $29.99. But regardless, once again the Nintendo Switch Playdead games will be coming to the console on June 28.