New Code Vein Trailer And Screenshots Have Surfaced, Companion, Multiplayer,Boss Battle And More

Just a little while back, we had the trailer for the much anticipated Bandai Namco’s game, Code Vein, which got everyone all hyped up and excited for this SoulsBourne like title. In that trailer, a release date for the game was revealed with some slight hints at the details of the game. Since then fans have only been strangling with that trailer, to gather any ounce of information they can. For those who have been waiting to hear more about the game, they would be glad to know that a new Code Vein Trailer and Screenshots have surfaced.

Just today a new bulk of screenshots alongside a trailer have surfaced that reveals a lot about the game. We got a new reveal for Io, from what we can gather, she appears to be a companion NPC who shall follow the hero around and fight by his side.

Some of the things that this new Io can perform include:

  • Regenerator
  • Panacea Essence
  • Protection of Love
  • Lightning Thorn

Moving ahead from the Io, we also see a new level under the title,”Depths of Death”, adding to that the Trial of Blood is activated by touching a red item, which you can find in the dungeons. Having said that, once you have activated the Trials of Blood, prepare yourself for the enemy attack.

Other screenshots of the game show the multiplayer feature, so it is possible to summon another player by sending a signal flare. On top of that, players can share their loot and abilities with each other and their NPC companions.

Finally, in the Code Vein Trailer which is pretty neat, we get to see the boss who we saw in the E3 demo as well. All in all the trailer is pretty much self-explanatory, so do check it out.

With all that said, Bandai Namco’s Code Vein is slated for September 27th, 2018 for Xbox One and PS4, while it shall roll out for PC on September 28th.

Source: gematsu