Latest Steam Beta Includes Overhauled Chat And Creator Homepages

A new Steam Beta build is now available, adding Creator Homepages for developers and publishers to have their games listed under a single page. This adds up to the recently announced new chat system implemented in Steam Beta.

Valve is back in action with some new meaningful changes and updates to their popular platform Steam. Though both changes haven’t hit the live version of Steam yet, you can see them both in Steam Beta version.

Steam Chat will be much different when the new update comes in, as its layout has been changed for good. Friends will now be displayed according to the game they are playing, you will be able to add your favorite friends on top of the window to track their activity and know when to invite them and you can also add group chats and voice chats which will be shown at the lower space of the window. Another important feature coming to Steam Chat is the ability to set your activity to “Invisible” while being able to see and chat with other players.

In the latest Steam Beta update, Valve introduces Creator Homepages, As Valve’s post indicates, this will be the place where any developer or publisher on the platform will be able to set up a customized homepage to showcase their full catalog of titles and content. Once set up, these homepages can be found by clicking on the developer or publisher name from the store page of your favorite games.

You can set your version of Steam to Beta by heading to the platforms Settings and then hit “CHANGE” on the Beta participation tab, in the first screen that pops up.

Things are changing for the better for Steam. Now that Valve is officially back in the game, we expect to see more updates such as these coming to their platform. Next thing we want to see is their game Artifact hitting Steam soon along with other announced projects.