Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Might Be A Possibility With The Volume Of Content

According to Kingdom Hearts dev Tetsuya Nomura, the sheer amount of content in the upcoming game might mean that Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC would be happening in the future. In addition to that, Nomura also gave out a lot of explanations on some of the stuff we saw in the E3 trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the culmination of everything that’s been happening in the series up until this point, and with years and years of development time, there’s bound to be a lot of content in the game. However, the sheer amount of content, so much that Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC might be happening, wasn’t a factor in the game’s original delay. Instead, it was in the interest of a better market.

There’s a lot of different mechanics and other things that will be taking place in the upcoming game, and Tetsuya Nomura gave us as much information as he could.

To start off with, the Ratatouille mechanic that players saw in the game’s various E3 2018 trailers, Sora will be able to cook with Remy the Rat in order to make meals that will raise your stats, though whether these are temporary or permanent are yet to be seen. There will also be many other mini games such as in the Tangled world where musical mini-games will be making a return. Mini-games have been added by the staff in many different worlds.

Nomura himself even made a pet project out of the “Classical Kingdom” world, a minigame world that is similar to some of the earliest Disney cartoons and 1980s video games.

If there does turn out to be Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC in the future, Nomura has said that it’s likely that they will be actual content, rather than in-game items being given to players like a large amount of other DLC in other games.