Realm Royale Mage Guide – Abilities, How To Play, General Tips

The Mage class is one of the most fun classes to play in Realm Royale. However, that also means that it is one of the hardest. Mages are usually for those who are very mechanically skilled and this Realm Royale Mage Guide will give you all of the tools to build up those skills and wreak havoc across the battlefield.

Our Realm Royale Mage Guide will tell you about all of the basics of the Mage class in Realm Royale. Some of the strategies and tactics that you can use when using this particular class to maximize your chances of winning the game.

Realm Royale Mage

As you would probably expect from a Mage class, this class primary mode of damage is magic. This means that your abilities are extremely important when you are using the Mage and they will need to be timed to perfection if you want to have any chance of success at the Mage.

Let us go ahead and take a look at what the abilities of the Mage do along with its Legendary Weapon in detail. We will also tell you about which of the build paths can you follow and all of the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with them.

The Realm Royale Mage is a little weaker when compared to the other classes. However, here is how you can still be effective with it during the battle.

General Tips

Use your Soar Ability to get to high ground and have a height advantage against the enemy. You can also use your Soar Ability to traverse through some of the windows but not all of them. It can also be used at the start of the game to quickly loot the upper floor of a building as an enemy is looting the ground floor. This way you can surprise the enemy when he comes upstairs.

You need to remember that since abilities will be one of your primary sources of damage when playing as the mage, upgrading them as soon as you possibly can will probably serve you well. The higher rarity you can get on your ability, the more damage you will do with it.

Apart from that, you also want to get a helmet of the higher grade since that will give you cooldown reduction and as we mentioned, the more abilities you can use as the mage, the more damage you will do.

Your Ice Block Ability can be quite useful defensively. You can use it to place a barrier between you and your enemies and that will give you enough time to heal yourself and be ready for the next bout. Remember to look at the timer and be ready to immediately pounce upon the enemy as soon as it expires though.

It is also important to remember that you have the opportunity to cancel the wall whenever you want. At higher levels it is probable that the enemy will be timing your wall, so try to vary the timings to keep the enemy at his/her toes.

A new strategy that seems to be working impeccably for some of the players is to use a shotgun as a Mage. The idea seems quite silly I know but hear me out, you already have the Fireball in your kit which you will be using no matter what build you choose to go for since the Fireball is by far the most effective damage dealing ability that you have.

Now you can use the Fireball from a fair bit of distance due to its nature and that is what some of the players are doing. However, once they have landed a Fireball on the enemy and erased a large percentage of their health, they quickly move in (Soar can also be used here) and then blast a bunch of shotgun pellets right into their faces.

This confirms that the enemy will be dead in all but the rarest of circumstances.


First of all, remember that your Stone Spear is much better than it seems. It fires 1.2 shots per second and deals 300 damage per shot. It also has multiple projectiles and each of them deal 300 damage.

Remember that they are slow moving and you need to lead them to the target so it will be a little difficult to hit the enemy with it at first but practice will make you better with it and you can easily land these shots soon enough.

Soar allows you to move about and get to places where the enemy would not expect you to be. You can use it to get behind cover high up where it is difficult for the enemy to return fire. Once you are there, use your Explosive Flask and the Fireball. The Explosive Flask will allow you to slow the enemy if they are caught in the radius of the blast.

Once they have been slowed down, you can rain hell on them using the Fireball. Upgrade the Fireball as much as you can so that it deals a massive amount of damage. It is also important to remember that the Fireball passes through enemies to deal damage to other enemies behind them, so use it to penetrate squads.

You can also use the Fireball with the Ice Block if you wish. This is a much more balanced build as opposed to the previous one that was extremely aggressive. This build will allow you to have a lot of damage but a chance to retreat from the fight and heal yourself too.

Remember that you will be the target of your enemies as soon as the block wears off, and it is best to use this build when you are playing in a coordinated squad and you have teammates to soak up the damage for you while you dish it out. Otherwise, you can expect 3 enemies to be waiting for you as soon as the walls go down.

That is all we have for our Realm Royale Mage Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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