Realm Royale Hunter Guide – Abilities, How To Play, General Tips

The Battle Royale genre quickly became the most popular one in the world but its popularity seems to be declining each day as people seem to realize that it lacks any sort of personality and games generally are very bare bones and lack progression system. However, Realm Royale plans to change all that by having class-based warfare in a Battle Royale setting. In order to understand how this complex game works, you will need guides like this Realm Royale Hunter Guide.

Our Realm Royale Hunter Guide will tell you all of the ins and outs of the Hunter class that you can use in Realm Royale. There is a fair amount of complexities associated with this class and there is a decent bit of learning curve as well.

Realm Royale Hunter

Since the game is primarily based off Paladins, players who have played Paladins will find this game to be a lot easier. The main weapon of the Hunter class is like the bow of Sha Lin. You will mainly need to learn how to shoot and move using your dodge roll ability, as that is the most effective spell that you have.

If you have never played Paladins before, you can practice the mechanics of this class by downloading the free game and then going to the shooting range to practice with both Cassie and Sha Lin as those 2 heroes are the core of this class. Of course, you can simply adhere to this guide and you will eventually learn to use all of the mechanics anyway.

Let us go ahead and look at all of the things that you need to do in order to be an effective Hunter.

General Tips

Remember to watch out when someone is crafting something. If you see a fire or fog above the house, it means that someone is using a crafting machine.

Once you land in the game, try to use your dodge roll as much as you possibly can to find a gun before everyone else around you. People will usually be very indecisive once they land and it is your duty to capitalize on that. Use your enhanced mobility with the dodge roll to find weapons earlier than everyone else and then start shooting the helpless opponents.

Remember that you can also use the mount. It can be the difference between life and death. Outrun your enemies when you need to disengage to heal and use the mount to make your way to safety. Also, remember that you can do fake crafting maneuvers.

Simply start crafting something and then move out of the house to trick enemies into moving in. Once they are there, they are sitting ducks for you to take out whichever way you want to.


Dodge Roll is something that you will already have at the start, and you need to learn how to use it before you move on to anything else. It can be used both aggressively and defensively since it is such a versatile mechanic. Dodge roll into a mount to make a quick getaway from almost every sticky situation that you find yourself in.

The first thing that you need to craft before you craft anything else is your weapon. Your bow can easily take down enemies in 2 shoots at almost every range since it does 1,000 damage per hit.

Combine your Dodge Roll whenever you fire a shot to make sure that you can slip by the enemy and it is extremely hard to hit you. Dodging is as important as shooting so bear that in mind whenever you are in a fight.

After that, it is important to focus on your armor and your accessories. Try to have an armor set as early as possible and regenerate it whenever you fall back to heal yourself. If you are planning to win a game of Realm Royale, then it is very important that you craft yourself a Legendary Armor Set.

It is also important that you try and craft spells when collecting all of the Shards that can be found in the game. The ‘Hidden’ spell is one of the best ones in the game as it allows you to deal damage to the enemy while being invisible. It is almost like having cheats on!


As I stated before, Hidden is by far the best ability that you can have when you are playing as the Hunter class in Realm Royale. The freedom that is granted to you by this ability is unmatched as you can go into stealth mode and your enemies will not be able to see you.

One of the best combos that you can do is to shoot at an enemy with your bow to deal massive damage, then dodge roll to make yourself harder to hit before moving into the stealth mode to make a clean getaway.

The Mine is also a good ability. There is not really a lot of explanation required for it because everyone knows what a mine is and what it actually does. You can place it around the walls when you are crafting something for protection. You can also use it when hiding from multiple enemies as the damage that it deals is quite massive and can often end up killing unsuspecting enemies.

Lastly, you have the Flare. This is your core ability and can be used to surprise enemies, which is quite consistent with your kit. Whenever you throw a flare at a particular place, it will light up and reveal all of the enemies that are hiding.

They could be hiding at any place such as behind a wall or trees or rocks and they will show up. This will allow you to plan, maybe even use your Hidden ability to go invisible and get up close before unleashing the might of your bow upon them.

That is all we have for our Realm Royale Hunter Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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