High-end Gigabyte B450 Motherboards Drop Support For Seventh Generation APUs

We got to see B450 motherboards at Computex 2018. While the chipset has not been announced by AMD, partners still showed off upcoming products at the event. We heard that motherboard manufacturers will be dropping support for 7th generation APUs and that seems to be the case for these upcoming high-end B450 motherboards from Gigabyte as well.

The AMD AM4 socket supports all kinds of CPUs ranging from the 2000 series AMD Ryzen CPUs to the 7th generation AMD APUs. This is a problem for motherboard manufacturers as they need to add additional storage to the BIOS. This adds to the cost. While it is only a difference of a few dollars, when you are making millions of motherboards, the cost adds up. Motherboard manufacturers are not willing to add that cost and that is why they are dropping support for the 7th generation APUs.

Gigabyte B450 Motherboards

An upcoming Gigabyte AMD B450 motherboard has been spotted and sources claim that it will also not support the 7th generation APUs. If that is the case with Gigabyte then it is likely that other motherboard partners will also follow the same path and will most likely drop support for the previous chips as well. The previous chips were pretty lackluster as compared to the current AMD Ryzen chips that we have on the market, so if you were thinking about upgrading, then now must be a good time.

It will be interesting to see what AMD has to say about this situation and how people that are using the previous chips will react to this change in circumstances. AMD AM4 support was promised till 2020 but this changes things. As of right now, there is no comment from AMD and as these motherboards have not officially been announced, it might be a while before we hear something from the company.

Let us know what you think about upcoming B450 motherboards dropping support for 7th generation APUs and whether or not this is something that will affect you.