Goldhawk Interactive Announces Kickstarter For Xenonauts 2

Goldhawk Interactive, the same studio behind the spiritual successor to the XCOM games, has announced Xenonauts 2, a sequel to the same game. Much like XCOM, the Xenonauts games focus on a secret organization defending Earth from an alien invasion. The Kickstarter fund is already almost completely funded with 29 days to go.

The original Xenonauts game released way back in 2012, and Xenonauts 2 has already been in development for three years (being announced in 2016 with a 2017 release date but that obviously didn’t happen), and Goldhawk has taken advantage of that development time to change the game up in a variety of ways.

To start with, the game will be taking place several decades after the original. While it still takes place during the Cold War, it takes place in more modern times, when alien manipulation has caused humanity to never exit the Cold War, allowing the Soviet Union to continue existing as the aliens try and drive humanity to a nuclear war.

Much like XCOM, the Xenonauts games allow you to control the entirety of your organization, ranging from what your men carry into battle to where you deploy fighters to attack alien aircraft, and even to what you decide to research. While the aliens in this game are different from what you’ve likely seen in XCOM, you’re still technologically outmatched, and the the invasion will get worse as time goes on.

In Xenonauts 2, players can also now deploy personnel as Field Agents, allowing you to increase relations with various nations, root out alien infiltrators, and keep your organization secret. A wide variety of other features are also being added, many of which you can find in the game’s official forums.

While it’s no XCOM, it can give you the opportunity to see what the original games were like, especially given the more modern XCOM games and the way that they play. The game is still in alpha and has no release date, but if you donate to the game’s Kickstarter you can keep track of Xenonauts 2’s development.

You can take part in the playable alpha by downloading it on Good Old Games.